'8 Ball' Juggling Balls with Black

'8 Ball' Juggling Balls with Black
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These 8 panel juggling balls from Juggle Dream are one of the best beanbag style juggling ball we have ever stocked. Without a doubt they are one of the strongest out door balls in our selection, but they are also a fantastic juggle. The 8 panels makes them a little more round than a 4 panel thud style ball, giving them a nice flight profile. The stitching is super tough and we're confident will last a good, long time. The ball is filled with seed and maintains a firmness for a few weeks of juggling. The panels are made from an extremelly strong prestal leather. The '8 Ball' is lovely for fast, snappy juggling, numbers and multiplex but at the same time is versatile and beautiful. we've found that the wight and size of these balls is much more uniform than other cheaper bean bags which should appease even the most demanding juggler. These balls are a two tone black theme. Just Black/Gold balls are available.

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