Rolla Bolla

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The Rola Bola is Widely used across France and Europe. A great addition to any repertoire of circus skills.

This set of 4 stack rolls can be used with the Play Rolla Bolla (and an extra board) to add a bit of extra height and difficulty. They come in orange...
As well as being a great prop for learning the fundamentals of balance, this high quality rolla bolla also adds a lot to a performance. Once mastered...
This wooden board from play is designed to fit all Play stack rolls and create a safe, multi-roll floor rolla bolla. Length: 65cm, Width: 25cm.
This Play Roll is perfectly round and completely indestructable. It comes with 3 rubber grips which allow perfect control both on the floor and on...
Fresh from the famous Italian Juggling innovator, this Rolla Bolla set has become our new favourite balance prop. A very strong Rolla coupled with a...
This ball can be used instead of the roll. Much harder!! and more impressive.
The Classic complete set Rolla Bolla from Voltige, France. This set includes a robust PVC Rolla that can take all kinds of weight and abuse! The...
The Classic Voltige Rolla board is covered on the underside with rubber to add grip and has wooden stoppers at each end.
This larger tube is designed to sit horizontally between two standard rolls, raising the level and difficulty of your Rolla Bolla. Each side has...
This standard roll can be added to any Voltige Rolla Bolla set.
The Triple Stack is perhaps the hardest Rolla Bolla challenge. With this set you will receive 1 x Voltige Bolla Board, 2 x Standard Rolls and 1 x...