Disco Flashflight Glow Frisbee

Disco Flashflight Glow Frisbee
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This Disco Flashflight phases through 6 colours: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple and multi-colour.

The Flashflight is a light-up glow frisbee that works great in the day and in the night. It's water resistant and is lit by one large nucleus LED which has 9 fibre-optic strands. It weighs 185g and has the exact same shape as the Discraft Ultrastar- it flies perfectly! If you're planning on making fake UFO footage or just having a good throwabout in the park...well, this is the tool for the job!

2 x 2016 3V coin-cell sized batteries come included, which power the disc for up to 25 hours.
Customer Reviews:
£25 is quite the price for a frisbee, but this is something wherein the cost is justified by its quality. Not only does it fly smoothly, and follow the expected curve when spin is applied, but the LED lights are something to behold. Especially during winter seasons it gets dark early, and in summer seasons nighttime is warm. With this frisbee, you do not need sunny conditions! The disk glows brightly and looks like a majestic UFO! Its especially cool when the colour changes mid air - this will surely turn heads as it looks so cool!
Jake - 11/11/2013
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