Duncan Flying Panda - 4A Yoyo

Duncan Flying Panda - 4A Yoyo
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  • Manufactured by: Duncan
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This is a quality off-string yo-yo from Duncan, one of the oldest yo-yo producers in the world. This yo-yo has over-molded rubber rings for increased durability (and to give you that last chance bounce when you accidentally miss your catch). This yo-yo also has an extra wide axle (with use of the spacers) allowing more complex string tricks, more weight on the axle for faster play and a generous butterfly shape.The construction of this fantastic 4A yo-yo is also exactly the same as the popular 'Freehand Zero', making this yo-yo an instant favourite for off-string.
An all round fantastic yo-yo.
Comes with two set of spacers for fine tuning string gap.
Colours May Vary!

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