Flames N Games Fire Staff 140cm / triple 65mm wicks

Flames N Games Fire Staff 140cm / triple 65mm wicks
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Based on a lightweight yet tough aluminium shaft, these fire staffs are great for the more aggressive fire staff spinners as they are much stronger than wooden fire staffs and will not snap but can get bent if they get kicked or stood on. Fitted with no less than 50cm x 65mm of top quality Para-Aramid Kevlar fire wick, each burner will produce a good size flame which should not need re-wicking for years! The ends of the shaft are blocked with 2 wooden plugs which are covered in thick heat-resistant aluminium tape to stop the flames from traveling through the tube. To finish off the staff has a long (40cm) shock absorbing, Non-slip, padded handgrip.

Fire Staff Spec: Length: 1.4m, Weight: 590g, Wicks: 6x 50cm x 65mm

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