Flames N Games Glow in the Dark/Luminous staff 140cm

Flames N Games Glow in the Dark/Luminous staff 140cm
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This FNG practice staff was designed for practicing contact moves as well as normal staff twirling.

The recycled rubber ends and the thick wooden shaft which comes from (FSC certified) sustainable forests makes this staff a very environmentally friendly prop!
Top quality ultra bright "Glow in the dark" tape decorates the body of the staff. This tape has a High-Energy glow of 210 mcd/sq.m (the brightest glow tape around, it even glows in daylight!) and has a super long lasting glow life of (12h+) with only 10 minutes of charging. This waterproof tape has been specifically designed for outdoor use so it can be charged in the sunlight without deteriorating the photoluminecent pigments.

This staff has a professional, non-slip, shock-absorbing handle which helps to reduce vibrations, has a good grip and feels great!

  • Length: 140cm
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