Indy Freestyle 20" & book Deal

Indy Freestyle 20" & book Deal
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20inch freestyle trainer deluxe closeup Splined crank

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The amazing Indy Freestyle is a unicycle designed with energy, innovation and tricks in mind. A very strong frame with a re-enforced 20" wheel means this unicycle is up for taking whatever you can throw at it. The Indy Freestyle comes with one main feature which is normally only found on unicycles with price tags well over £100.
Namely the "splined cranks" This a system where the hub has teeth which fit into corresponding teeth on the inside of each crank arm.
What does this mean?
As well as being an ideal trainer uni for total beginners, this allows the Indy Freestyle to do some serious bunny hopping. The flat topped forks have low wheel clearance which makes it easier to learn flatland freestyle moves.
The extra tough double walled aluminium alloy rims keep the weight down and the alloy bmx pedals give excellent grip.
This all adds up to a strong lightweight trainer you won't grow out of as soon as you want to start trying tricks If that wasn't enough, we're throwing in a instructional book and free carriage to the UK.

Unicycle Features:

  • Tough splined 127 cranks.
  • Flat topped low clearance forks(good for frame stands and flat land freestyle).
  • Machined anti twist 300mm seat post with quick release seat clamp.
  • Indy saddle with Black bumper and grab handle.
  • 36 Spoke wheel with double walled aluminium alloy rims with 20 x 1.95 freestyle tyre (black).
  • Aloy VP505 studded bmx pedals.

To fit leg length: 74 - 86cm (29 -34") or down to 64cm/25" with the seat stem cut.
Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.

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