Juggle Dream Contact Fire Staff 150cm/100mm wick

Juggle Dream Contact Fire Staff 150cm/100mm wick
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Juggle Dream contact fire staff made from ultra thick aluminium walls, it's extremely durable and specifically designed for the more experienced fire staff spinners specially those who like performing contact moves!

Fitted with 50cm of top quality Para-Aramid fire wick on both ends it will produce a good size flame which will last approx. 6 to 10 minutes depending on the conditions.

The ends of the shaft are blocked with 2 wooden plugs covered in thick heat-resistant aluminium to stop the flames traveling through the tube keeping the shaft's temperature low.

To finish off this staff the center of the body has a long (35cm) shock absorbing, non-slip, padded hand grip.


Fire Staff Specs:
Length: 150cm
Weight: 810g
Wicks: 2 x 100mm

Colour of the handle may vary.

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