Juggle Dream Thuds - 120g - 10 balls

Juggle Dream Thuds - 120g - 10 balls
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The Juggle Dream range of 120g 'thuds' are soft bean bags in a big selection of colours and themes (including the always popular 'beach' colours; blue, red, yellow and green). The quality of these balls is considerably better than your average 'toy shop' ball - strong yet subtle stitching as well as a prefect 'squeezey' feeling mean these will be appreciated by children, learner jugglers and more experienced ball manipulators. They're also a proven favourite for workshops with a large amount of people. The panels have a slight gloss finish and they've been filled with sterilized seed. 120g thuds makes a good size for small hands as well as numbers juggling. This is one of our most popular juggling balls at Oddballs and we're very happy to be able to offer such a good value bulk buy. These balls are called 'thuds' because they hit the ground and don't roll away! We stock 120g juggling thuds in a wide selection of popular colour themes. You can choose from Solid colours, Black theme, White theme, Silver theme as well as the classic Beach.

Price is for 10 balls. There can be very slight weight and size discrepancies in these balls but not enough to affect their performance.

Due to the seed content this ball is not suitable for customers living in Australia or New Zealand - have a look at our range of sand filled juggling balls. if you're from that neck of the woods

Ball weight: aprox 120g

Ball size: aprox: 68mm

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