JuggleGear 200cm x 50cm Collapsible Walking Ladder

JuggleGear 200cm x 50cm Collapsible Walking Ladder
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These walking ladders are developed by the JuggleGear team in the USA. Also known as balance ladders, their designs are strong and sturdy - perfect for performers. They come in bright white making them extremely visible on stage. Both bottom sections of the ladder come mounted with robust, durable rubber feet stop them slipping.

Balance ladders can be difficult to transport which is why 'break-down' models are so useful. These ladders collapse into a size that measures approximately 60cm x 60cm x 14cm - just about right to fit in the back of your car (or a very generous suitcase).

When assembled this seven rung ladder stands 200cm (6'7") tall. The height of the top rung on these ladders can be adjusted to anywhere on the top two upright bars.

- Height: 150cm or 200cm
- Width: 50cm
- Material: Steel
- Finish: Powder coated white
- Parts:
- 1x Body Section (2x with the 7 rung ladder)
- 2x Upright Tops
- 1x Adjustable Crossbar
- 4x 25.4mm Clamps (6x with the 7 rung ladder)
- 2x 31.8mm Clamps
- 1x Allen Key
- Weight: 8.3kg
- Rubber feet
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