MoonShine Glow Devilstick inc. Handsticks & Bag

MoonShine Glow Devilstick inc. Handsticks & Bag
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The Flames 'N Games "MoonShine" Devilstick is an ultra bright Glow in the Dark wooden devil stick

These beautifully crafted wooden devil sticks have been made to a high professional standard with an exceptionally detailed finish.

The devil stick core is made from solid Ash hardwood that has been precision turned to a high standard giving the stick a perfect tapered shape which makes it thin in the middle yet nice and wide at the extremities to create good momentum when spun. To protect the stick from hard impacts it has been fitted with dense foam ends.

The "Glow in the dark" decorative tape used on all Flames 'N Games props has a High-Energy glow of 210 mcd/sq.m ( the brightest glow tape around, it even glows in daylight!!! ) and has an ultra long lasting glow of (12h+) with luminescence after 10 min when charged under a light source.
The tape itself is waterproof and has been specifically designed for outdoor use so it can be charged by the sunlight with out deteriorating the photoluminecent pigments, like other cheaper glow tapes do.

Devil stick Specs:
Length: 67cm
Weight: 220g

This devil stick is sold with custom Glow silicone hand-sticks and provided with a Juggle Dream Devil Stick Bag

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