Qu-AX 36" Luxus Marathon Unicycle

Qu-AX 36" Luxus Marathon Unicycle
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  • Manufactured by: Qu-AX
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This is a unicycle with big character and one big wheel!
At 36' across, the Marathon is the unicycle designed for people who want to go far. All the usual high standards of build quality from Qu-Ax, Germany. This unicycle comes with 2 seat posts ( 1 x 350mm and 1 x 200mm for smaller riders), extra large plastic pedals, an aero doublewall aluminium rim silver 48 holes, a smart looking red ISIS hub and 145mm aluminium cranks. A single turn of the cranks will get you 2.85m forwards. Impressive stuff.
* Flat crown fork with two-piece with dropout (black) Also features Magura sockets, but no brake is included.
* Wide doublewall alloy rim silver with huge braking surface and 48 holes
* ISIS-hub, red 48 holes
* 145mm aluminium cranks
* QX Series pedals with big surface
* aluminium seatclamp
* a second 200 mm seatpost for shorter beginners
* well cushioned saddle with robust base-plate and solid handle

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