Qu-AX 'QX Series' 36" Marathon Unicycle

Qu-AX 'QX Series' 36" Marathon Unicycle
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If you want a top of the range lightweight road machine to cover serious distances and the keep up with bikes. The QX Marathon will do the job and then some.
All QX series models use the very best high end components and are the result of 10 years development and testing by the Qu-ax riders team.

The QX 36" Marathon model includes Qu-ax's amazing light weight carbon fiber seatpost, Kris Holm saddle, Custom 2011 Magura HS33 brakes and the new QU-AX 6061 light weight alloy cranks(470g/pair).
* QX-series alloy frame with CNC-machined dropouts and Magura-brake-sockets, glossy black (white available on request).
* Double-walled aero rim, silver, 48 holes
* ISIS-hub, red 48 holes
* 145mm alloy cranks
* QX-series PVC pedal
* QX-series alloy double seatclamp, black.
* QX-series Carbon seatpost
* KH Street Saddle
* Magura-brake, handle and brake mount

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