At Oddballs we've been balancing on things (and sometimes falling off) for the last 30 years. We know a thing or two about balancing, fun ways to get around, stilts, crazy bikes and a whole lot more. If you're a performer looking for that new L.I.M.O (Large Impressive Metallic Object), a workshop looking for some fun new toys or just bored of your push-bike, we should have something in the categories below to keep you happy.If you've got any questions about any of the props you can always contact us

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  • Orangutan Slackline 15m with tree protector and training line

    Orangutan Slackline 15m with tree protector and training line

    This set includes…

    Slackline 15m - 50mm

    Although the Orangutan Classic Slackline is designed to be enjoyed by experienced slackliners, due to its design characteristics, it is also suitable for beginners. With the perfect combination of elasticity, without being too flexible, the Classic line gives you the perfect bounce and walking experience for those first steps. Any novice will be able to progress quickly using this line.

    Tree protector.

    In addition to the standard line, you get two easy to use tree protectors to keep your trees safe from the wear of the bark that an unprotected slackline can inflict.

    Training line. 

    The 1" training line supplied with this set is designed to be rigged at roughly head height from standing position on the slackline. It allows you to steady yourself as you first learn to walk along.

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  • Oddballs Rolla Bolla

    Oddballs Rolla Bolla

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    As well as being a great prop for learning the fundamentals of balance, this high quality rolla bolla also adds a lot to a performance. Once mastered it can be combined with other props for a great challenge and tremendous dramatic effect. You will receive one strong, wooden board with carved grooves for added grip and plastic grip strips underneath. The board also has wooden stoppers on both sides of the underside to stop the plastic rolla from getting away.

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  • Oddballs Static Stilts

    Oddballs Static Stilts

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    The Oddballs Static Stilts are very similar to the Durastilt. (In fact we have been selling the Durastilts for over 25 years - sadly to say, there's a clip of a member of our staff bouncing 7 balls off them, filmed more than 20 years ago, on our homepage). However, the patent for the Durastilts has run out, meaning that we're able to get this stilt produced for us at a fraction of the price. Very stable, you can literally stand on them for hours. You can even play football in them. Theses stilts adjust from 22-44 inches. If you're looking for stilts so finitely-designed that they almost serve as leg extensions, than these stilts are your product!

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