At Oddballs we've been balancing on things (and sometimes falling off) for the last 30 years. We know a thing or two about balancing, fun ways to get around, stilts, crazy bikes and a whole lot more. If you're a performer looking for that new L.I.M.O (Large Impressive Metallic Object), a workshop looking for some fun new toys or just bored of your push-bike, we should have something in the categories below to keep you happy.If you've got any questions about any of the props you can always contact us

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  • Qu-Ax Mini Bike

    Qu-Ax Mini Bike

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    The Qu-Ax Mini Bike is one of the smallest bikes in the world! .

    • Solid steel frame with metallic finish.
    • BSA bottom bracket with chromed crank.
    • Chain ½ x 32, titanium coloured.
    • 1" chrome headset.
    • 1" stem with aluminium forehead.
    • Chromed handlebar.
    • Leather imitation saddle with noble rivets.
    • Chromed rims, 6" with black PU-tyres.

    Not a child's bike - just for fun!
    Comes with its own stand.

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  • Qu-Ax Balance Trainer Bike

    Qu-Ax Balance Trainer Bike

    Another weird and wonderful model from Qu-Ax Germany. This balance trainer features a 12" wheel and uses chain propulsion. The front stabilisers make balancing easier and riders can steer by shifting their weight. It works a lot like a unicycle but is much easier. This model is recommended for children aged 6-12 years old, up to 60kg. Excellent for schools and workshops!

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  • Qu-Ax Mini Tandem Bike

    Qu-Ax Mini Tandem Bike

    Something very special and very peculiar from Qu-Ax. The kings of unicycle engineering have turned their attention to their mini circus bike and given it a tandem twist. The Tandem-version has a reinforced steel-frame and uses the same 6" wheels as the Minibike. It also features 2 x retro-styled rivet-saddles. As with 'normal' tandem bikes, the chain tension is adjusted with an eccentric bottom-bracket. Only available in Blue - some minor construction is required.

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  • QU-AX Twin Uni Bi-Clown Bike

    QU-AX Twin Uni Bi-Clown Bike

    The QU-AX Twin-Uni is so much more than just TWO UNICYCLES! (Although it is that as well, technically this set consists of 2 x 20" Luxus Unicycles). The advantage of the Bi-Clown bike from Qu-Ax is that One or even two people can ride on it at once – and they can do this more than just forwards or backwards too! The front unicycle can turn free in the connection bar – and the rear one can do, too! This allows the 2 riders to move in parallel or orbit each other or cling on to each other of just goof around! lots of fun to be had!

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