At Oddballs we've been balancing on things (and sometimes falling off) for the last 30 years. We know a thing or two about balancing, fun ways to get around, stilts, crazy bikes and a whole lot more. If you're a performer looking for that new L.I.M.O (Large Impressive Metallic Object), a workshop looking for some fun new toys or just bored of your push-bike, we should have something in the categories below to keep you happy.If you've got any questions about any of the props you can always contact us

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  • Unicycle Frame Bolts x 4

    Unicycle Frame Bolts x 4

    This is a basic set of 4 frame bolts - These will allow you to attach most basic bearing clamps to your unicycle frame, securing the wheel.

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  • Indy Unicycle Bearing Clamp - Pair

    Indy Unicycle Bearing Clamp - Pair

    Set of 2 bearing clamps. Screws will be required to fit these. These are fairly universal and should fit most unicycle brands. Good for keeping your wheel attached to your frame!

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  • Indy Trainer Pedals

    Indy Trainer Pedals

    A basic set of unicycle pedals compatible with Indy unicycle cranks. Price is for a pair. Both top and bottom have a mottled sections which act as adequate grip, without using spikes. Each pedal weighs 150g. Make sure you insert the RIGHT pedal in to the RIGHT crank and LEFT pedal in to the LEFT crank to avoid cross-threading. The pedals also carry small reflector pads.
    Pedal Size: 26mm x 70mm x 93mm

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  • Steel Standard Cotterless Cranks - Chrome

    Steel Standard Cotterless Cranks - Chrome

    Chromed replacement steel cotterless cranks for unicycles. These can either be used to replace damaged cranks or to give a different feel to your unicycle.

    These are the same as fitted on the Trainer unicycles.

    The crank size is the distance from the centre of the axle hole to the centre of the pedal hole.

    The smaller the ratio of the crank length to wheel size the faster the unicycle will go, the larger the more control the unicycle will have.

    In practise:

    16" unicycles can only be fitted with 102mm cranks or shorter or the cranks touch the ground when pedaling.
    20" unicycles: 102 cranks give a smooth fast ride but make idling harder, 127 cranks give more torque and are good for learners and tricks, 152 are too long.
    24" unicycles: 102 cranks are very smooth and should only be considered if you are a speed fiend, 127 cranks are smooth and still quite fast, although are OK for idling, 152 cranks are great for learners.
    26" & 29" unicycles: 102 cranks make a great long distance machine but very hard to idle, 127 cranks are smooth and make a good street machine, 152 cranks are great for standard Muni riding and tricks work, 170 are for the serious trials rider or mountain climber, these give you the ability to go up almost anything!
    36" unicycles: 127 cranks create an extremely fast machine and gives some control for the experienced rider to idle. 152 cranks are standard and should be considered the minimum for all but experienced riders.

    Comes in pairs.

    To remove the cranks you will need a Crank Extractor.

    When replacing cranks be sure to put them on the correct side and tighten securely. Learn More

  • Black Indy Unicycle Stand - Fits 20" Unicycles

    Black Indy Unicycle Stand - Fits 20" Unicycles

    This black unicycle stand from Indy provides the nicest and easiest way to store or display your unicycles. Any 20" unicycle will lean neatly against the stand and is held in place by the curved metal. This will also stop any damage caused from your unicycle being knocked or falling over. Learn More

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  • Indy Freestyle Pedals

    Indy Freestyle Pedals

    Plastic DX style pedals from Indy Unicycles. Slightly heavier than the trainer pedals at 170g each, these are suitable for more aggressive riding. The larger, stylised platform on these pedals should give a little more stability and purchase when performing flat land tricks. These pedals feature small, blunt spikes on both top and bottom which some more advanced riders prefer. These are very strong and their plastic bodies should make the suitable for some indoor riding.
    110mm x 98mm x 26mm

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  • Indy Trainer Saddle & Stem

    Indy Trainer Saddle & Stem

    The Justek Trainer Saddle as found on all the Indy Trainer unicycles. This stem is slightly thinner (22.2 ⌀) and the saddle smaller than the Freesyle variation. Still very tough and comfortable. Comes with tough, black bumper and handle.

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  • Indy 'Freestyle' Saddle & Seat Post

    Indy 'Freestyle' Saddle & Seat Post

    This is the Indy saddle and stem as found on the Freestyle Model. It features Red bumpers and is pretty durable. This is the only saddle we sell that comes fitted with a stem (25.4⌀).

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  • Qu-Ax QX ZeroQ ISIS Crank - 125mm

    Qu-Ax QX ZeroQ ISIS Crank - 125mm

    The ZeroQ crank from Qu-Ax is one of the few crank sets on the market that is built for vigorous jumps and heavy impact. These cranks are compatible with all ISIS hub systems (found on most MUNI and advanced Freestyle unicycles) and will also work with your favourite pedals. The 'ZeroQ' part of the name refers to the amount the crank 'bends' outwards - in this case Zero! That makes this a crank better suited for fast riding. The Robust Alloy used on these QX series pedals makes them appropriate for Muni, Trials and Street Riding. The edges of the cranks offer a super-wide platform which will facilitate much more advanced flatland tricks - The QX variations of these cranks feature metal inserts for the pedal attachments making them even more durable.

    Please note that you'll need a crank extractor to remove these from your unicycle. Price is for one pair.

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  • Deluxe Indy Trainer 16" Unicycle

    Deluxe Indy Trainer 16" Unicycle

    Available in Chrome, this beautiful little 16" trainer unicycle is fantastic for children and small adults. Its smaller wheel is good for turning in small areas but is much slower than similar 20" models
    Great looks and performance and tough enough to put up with workshops.

    The Indy 16" deluxe comes with:

    Padded seat with grab handle and bumper.
    Quick release seat adjustment.
    Machined non twist seat stem.
    Smooth grip pedals (won't scratch shins)
    16x2.125 Tyre with schrader valve (suitable for indoor and outdoor use).

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