At Oddballs we've been balancing on things (and sometimes falling off) for the last 30 years. We know a thing or two about balancing, fun ways to get around, stilts, crazy bikes and a whole lot more. If you're a performer looking for that new L.I.M.O (Large Impressive Metallic Object), a workshop looking for some fun new toys or just bored of your push-bike, we should have something in the categories below to keep you happy.If you've got any questions about any of the props you can always contact us

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    Qu-AX Alloy Cross Pedals

    Qu-AX Alloy Cross Pedals

    Mean looking Cross Pedals from Qu-Ax Germany. Designed for ultimate grip whilst doing off-road riding. Very strong yet light weight. The pins on these pedals are not removable. Learn More

  • Indy ISIS Freestyle Aluminium Splined 140mm Cranks

    Indy ISIS Freestyle Aluminium Splined 140mm Cranks

    These are replacement cranks for the Indy Freestyle Unicycle - but they are also compatible with any unicycle that has an ISIS hub exchange. The measurement for this crank (140mm) is from the middle of the pedal mounting hole to the middle of the hub mounting hole - please note that you may need a crank extractor to both install and remove this from your unicycle. Price is for one pair. Learn More

  • Bullet Deluxe Helmet T35 Youth 49-54cm

    Bullet Deluxe Helmet T35 Youth 49-54cm

    New for 2019, One size fits all Bullet Youth Helmets.

    Bullet takes pride in producing safety gear that you can trust.

    Shell: High density ABS injection moulded

    Liner: EPS polystyrene foam

    Ventilation: 12 vent cooling system

    Inner padding: 3 piece removable and washable

    Pads included 9mm, 6mm & 3mm

    Safety certificate: CE EN 1078

    Sizing : 49-54cm - one size fits all

    Learn More

  • Qu-AX Luxus Unicycle Saddle - Various Colours Available

    Qu-AX Luxus Unicycle Saddle - Various Colours Available

    The same saddle as found on the Luxus series of unicycles from Qu-Ax. A more exaggerated front works as a handle and is robust enough to survive repeated impacts. Its also pretty comfortable - available in 3 colours including 'Flame Style' for serious West Coast vibes and loads more speed (probably).

    NOTE: The Black saddle has yellow handles Learn More

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    Qu-AX 'QX Series' Pedals

    Qu-AX 'QX Series' Pedals

    These are PVC pedals developed by Qu-Ax as part of the QX series - their endeavour to make sophisticated, high-tech unicycle components for the demanding unicyclist. These pedals are perfect for flatland tricks, are very stylish and incredibly light. They have a huge surface to give you plenty of leverage and grip (when you need it). They have changeable metal pins (and come with replacement plastic pins to keep your shoes looking nice). Supplied in a nice presentation box. Available in BLACK, transparent and glow in the dark.

    Learn More

  • Bullet Helmet Matt Black

    Bullet Helmet Matt Black

    Not only does this extreme sports helmet from Bullet look cool, it also keeps your noggin safe. Regardless of if you're commuting, trick riding or bombing down hills, at longboardsuk we always recommend a helmet. The Bullet helmet is understated, breathable (thanks to the air vents), comfortable to wear, secure and ready to absorb any impacts. This Helmet is available in a selection of sizes.

    Shell: High Density ABS Injection Moulded
    Liner: EPS Polysyrene / Foam
    Ventilation: 12 Vent cooling system
    Inner Padding: 3 piece removable and washable
    Safely Certificate: CE EN 1078

    XS/S: 48cm - 50cm
    S/M : 54cm – 57cm
    L/XL : 58cm – 62cm

    Bullet helmets are used by skateboarders, longboarders, scooter riders, and roller bladers around the world. Learn More

  • Deluxe Indy Trainer 16" Unicycle

    Deluxe Indy Trainer 16" Unicycle

    Available in Chrome, this beautiful little 16" trainer unicycle is fantastic for children and small adults. Its smaller wheel is good for turning in small areas but is much slower than similar 20" models
    Great looks and performance and tough enough to put up with workshops.

    The Indy 16" deluxe comes with:

    Padded seat with grab handle and bumper.
    Quick release seat adjustment.
    Machined non twist seat stem.
    Smooth grip pedals (won't scratch shins)
    16x2.125 Tyre with schrader valve (suitable for indoor and outdoor use).

    Learn More

  • Deluxe Indy Trainer 20" Unicycle

    Deluxe Indy Trainer 20" Unicycle

    1 Review(s)
    The Indy Deluxe trainer 20" is a good value well priced well designed model suitable for all ages, from small kids to large adults! The unicycle is faster and stronger than 16" models and is excellent for kids wanting an alternative way to get to school.
    It is great value and will get you rolling on a budget. For advanced freestyle and flatland trick riding we recommend a Freestyle unicycle such as the Indy Freestyle or the Luxus range.

    Max weight: 200 lbs / 90 kgs
    Max seat height: 87cm / 34.25"
    Min seat height: 73cm / 28.5"
    Min seat height with cut stem: 60cm / 23.5"
    Please note this measurement is from floor to crotch, not trouser size.

    Available in Chrome Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Indy 20" Freestyle Trick Unicycle - Various Colours Available

    Indy 20" Freestyle Trick Unicycle - Various Colours Available

    6 Review(s)

    The Indy Freestyle Unicycle comes with one main feature which is normally only found on unicycles with price tags well over £100.
    Namely the 'splined cranks' (frequently referred to as ISIS Cranks). This a system where the wheel hub has teeth which fit into corresponding teeth on the inside of each crank arm.
    What does this mean?
    As well as being an ideal trainer unicycle for total beginners, this allows the Indy Freestyle to do some serious bunny hopping. The flat topped forks have low wheel clearance which makes it easier to learn flatland freestyle moves, allowing riders to stand on the frame's shoulders.
    The extra tough, double walled aluminium alloy wheel rim keeps the overall weight of the unicycle down and the alloy BMX pedals give excellent grip for trick riding.
    This all adds up to a strong, lightweight trainer unicycle you won't grow out of as soon as you want to start trying tricks.

    Unicycle Features:

    • Tough splined ISIS 127mm cranks.
    • Flat topped, low clearance forks (good for frame stands and flat land freestyle).
    • Machined anti-twist 300mm seat post with quick release seat clamp.
    • Indy saddle with black bumper and grab handle.
    • 36 Spoke wheel with double walled aluminium alloy rims with 20" x 1.95" freestyle tyre (black).
    • Alloy VP505 studded bmx pedals.

    To fit leg length: 74 - 86cm (29 -34") or down to 64cm/25" with the seat stem cut.
    Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.

    This unicycle is available in Black, Chrome, Green and Red frame options. Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Qu-AX Luxus 20" Trainer Unicycle

    Qu-AX Luxus 20" Trainer Unicycle

    5 Review(s)

    An excellent quality, good looking 20" trainer from German Unicycle makers Qu-Ax.
    All Luxus unicycles come with a second shorter 200mm seatpost which allows younger riders maximum growth range without the need to cut the saddle stem and buy another later (good news for Dads).
    The flat crown forks and tough saddle handle also make the Luxus suitable for entry level freestyle riding.
    Featuring the following specifications:
    * flatcrownfork with two-piece dropout, powdercoated
    * aluminium rim 36 holes
    * square taper hub, black, 36 holes
    * 114 mm steel cranks
    * two component pedal with big surface and antislip insert
    * 20"x1.95" tyre
    * aluminium quick release
    * 350mm seatpost, diamanond knurled (prevents twisting) Ø 25,4mm, steel
    * a second 200mm seatpost for shorter beginners
    * solid, well cushioned and ergonomic saddle with robust baseplate and handle
    * Maximum rider weight approx 75 kg/11.8 stone.

    With the shorter stem fitted the Qu-ax 20" trainer will fit a minimum inside leg of 62cm.
    (N.B crotch to floor - not trouser size).

    * Tyre colour may vary. Learn More

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