At Oddballs we've been balancing on things (and sometimes falling off) for the last 30 years. We know a thing or two about balancing, fun ways to get around, stilts, crazy bikes and a whole lot more. If you're a performer looking for that new L.I.M.O (Large Impressive Metallic Object), a workshop looking for some fun new toys or just bored of your push-bike, we should have something in the categories below to keep you happy.If you've got any questions about any of the props you can always contact us

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  • Ariane Tightwire

    Ariane Tightwire

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    This quality balancing prop is ideal for basic training as it is very sturdy and low to the ground. Easy to break down for storage or transporting and features strong, it is also has lightweight parts like all Voltige equipment.

    The total length of the tight wire is 4.40m, height is 0.5m, the wire length is 3.6m long and the cable diameter is 11mm thick.

    The Ariane tight wire also has extensions available if you want to increase the height or length of this balance prop.

    • Wire length: 3.6m (11’10”)
    • Total Length: 4.35m (14’3”)
    • Height: 0.54m (1’9”)
    Cable diameter: 11mm (0.43in) Packs down to 1.6m x 0.5m x 0.1m (60KG) RED ONLY Learn More

  • Voltige 2 Post Hand Stand Platform

    Voltige 2 Post Hand Stand Platform

    This 2 post Handstand Platform from Voltige features 75cm high stainless steel tapered posts, a chrome plated base (71 x 51 x 12cm) and wooden support blocks (13cm x 9.5cm x 3cm). The platform can be easily dismantled and transported should you wish to do so. The total weight is 11kg. Please contact us for delivery times or if you require any further information. Chrome-plated base 70x50x12cm Hand stand unit, stainless steel tapered posts height 75cm.Width between the posts 33cm Ø18mm Wooden handles 10x13x3cm 11Kg Learn More

  • Voltige Cyr 3 Part  Steel Wheel

    Voltige Cyr 3 Part Steel Wheel

    This Black epoxy finished Steel Cyr wheel is recommended for performers of height 1.60m to 1.85m (See size options below).

    The Cyr wheel is very similar to the German wheel but as this is effectively just a single hoop, it is harder to use with more chance of catching your hands. It is therefore only recommended for professionals.

    Please call for delivery times.

    Tube Diameter: 30mm

    Outside Diameter: 185cm

    Weight: 7.1Kg

    Specs for 1800mm

    • 1800mm(Ext. Diameter)/li>
    • Tube 35mm X 2mm/li>
    • Net weight : 11.5kg/li>
    • Dismantable 3 parts/li>
    • Steel - epoxy black finish/li>
    • Supplied without rolling protection

    Specs for 1900mm

    • 1900mm (EXT Diameter)
    • Tube 35mm X 2mm
    • Net Weight : 12kg
    • Dismantable 3 parts
    • Steel - epoxy black finish
    • Supplied without rolling protection
    Learn More

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  • QU-AX Twin Uni Bi-Clown Bike

    QU-AX Twin Uni Bi-Clown Bike

    The QU-AX Twin-Uni is so much more than just TWO UNICYCLES! (Although it is that as well, technically this set consists of 2 x 20" Luxus Unicycles). The advantage of the Bi-Clown bike from Qu-Ax is that One or even two people can ride on it at once – and they can do this more than just forwards or backwards too! The front unicycle can turn free in the connection bar – and the rear one can do, too! This allows the 2 riders to move in parallel or orbit each other or cling on to each other of just goof around! lots of fun to be had!

    Learn More

  • JuggleGear 200cm x 50cm Collapsible Walking Ladder

    JuggleGear 200cm x 50cm Collapsible Walking Ladder

    These walking ladders are developed by the JuggleGear team in the USA. Also known as balance ladders, their designs are strong and sturdy - perfect for performers. They come in bright white making them extremely visible on stage. Both bottom sections of the ladder come mounted with robust, durable rubber feet stop them slipping.

    Balance ladders can be difficult to transport which is why 'break-down' models are so useful. These ladders collapse into a size that measures approximately 60cm x 60cm x 14cm - just about right to fit in the back of your car (or a very generous suitcase).

    When assembled this seven rung ladder stands 200cm (6'7") tall. The height of the top rung on these ladders can be adjusted to anywhere on the top two upright bars.

    - Height: 150cm or 200cm
    - Width: 50cm
    - Material: Steel
    - Finish: Powder coated white
    - Parts:
    - 1x Body Section (2x with the 7 rung ladder)
    - 2x Upright Tops
    - 1x Adjustable Crossbar
    - 4x 25.4mm Clamps (6x with the 7 rung ladder)
    - 2x 31.8mm Clamps
    - 1x Allen Key
    - Weight: 8.3kg
    - Rubber feet
    Learn More

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  • Voltige Peg Stilts Pro2 with shock absorbers

    Voltige Peg Stilts Pro2 with shock absorbers

    1 Review(s)

    Typical of French circus specialist Voltige's stylish and practical design. The stilts support the backs of your calves and allow you to stand on top of the stilts rather than to one side. The telescopic tubular design enables quick and easy adjustment between 4 heights - This is fixed and you can't adjust these unless you purchase additional posts.

    Learn More

  • Qu-Ax Mini Tandem Bike

    Qu-Ax Mini Tandem Bike

    Something very special and very peculiar from Qu-Ax. The kings of unicycle engineering have turned their attention to their mini circus bike and given it a tandem twist. The Tandem-version has a reinforced steel-frame and uses the same 6" wheels as the Minibike. It also features 2 x retro-styled rivet-saddles. As with 'normal' tandem bikes, the chain tension is adjusted with an eccentric bottom-bracket. Only available in Blue - some minor construction is required.

    Learn More

  • 7 rung Voltige Adjustable 2.00m height x 50cm

    7 rung Voltige Adjustable 2.00m height x 50cm

    2.00m tall platform ladder for professionals.
    * adjustable top rung &
    * chrome-plated
    * Ht 2m
    * Width. 50cm
    * Ø4cm
    * 7Kg

    Please expect a 1-2 week delivery window from payment. If you would like to know more details, please contact us directly on [email protected] . Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Qu-Ax Balance Trainer Bike

    Qu-Ax Balance Trainer Bike

    Another weird and wonderful model from Qu-Ax Germany. This balance trainer features a 12" wheel and uses chain propulsion. The front stabilisers make balancing easier and riders can steer by shifting their weight. It works a lot like a unicycle but is much easier. This model is recommended for children aged 6-12 years old, up to 60kg. Excellent for schools and workshops!

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    Madrid Paddle 'Summer Breeze' Complete Longboard

    Madrid Paddle 'Summer Breeze' Complete Longboard

    The Paddle is a maple, full sized dancing platform for riders looking for an engaging, versatile ride. Often chosen by larger riders for it's accommodating yet responsive shape, the Paddle will let riders perform exciting dance/footwork tricks but is also a stable, comfortable cruiser for commuting. Madrid have complimented this exaggerated design with responsive Paris trucks and their latest MAMBO 80A formula wheels top help riders absorb the road but not lose momentum/action when performing tricks. Learn More

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