Slack Lines

Slack lines are a traditional circus prop reinvented using modern materials. As the name suggests Slack Lines are similar to tightwires but left slack. This means you have two fixed points (trees, posts, etc...) with a super-strong length of material with a slight flex. This 'flex' allows users to jump and slam the line a little like you would a trampoline (though it's obviously considerably harder). Slack lining has exploded in popularity in recent years with a scene of 'riders' and 'teams' echoing extreme sports like skateboarding. Riders are pushing this sport in more beautiful, exotic and (sometimes) dangerous directions. At oddballs we're excited to see where you guys take the discipline. But remember to be safe - slacklining over soft surfaces (like the park) is best and wear some pads! As a general rule, wider lines (50mm) are easier for beginners as are shorter lines. Longer lines allow for bigger set ups but will wobble more and require more skill/strength.