Peg Stilts

Also known as Chinese stilts, the Peg stilts are the most common stilts used by professional performers. These stilts strap on at the foot, ankle, and knee giving the walker a great deal of flexibility in what they can do. With the Voltige Peg Stilts you can walk fast, make fast direction changes, even jumping rope and dancing.

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  • Voltige Peg Stilts -  Rubber Feet Pair

    Voltige Peg Stilts - Rubber Feet Pair

    From Voltige, France these are replacement rubber knob feet for Voltige Peg Stilts. The price is for a pair. A very grippy, textured bottom makes these really grippy.

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  • Voltige Peg stilts extension posts

    Voltige Peg stilts extension posts

    Extension 1.10m aluminium post for stilts Pro (x2) (0.02m3) extension aluminium post for stilts without knob lg 1,10m Learn More

  • Qu-ax Adjustable peg stilts.

    Qu-ax Adjustable peg stilts.

    These QU-AX stilts are very easy to use and maintain. Wearers use the huge Velcro straps to properly secure them and ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Specifically designed for smaller users (up to 60KG/9st4), with fully adjustable footrests and foot-heights, they are ideal for children of all ages.

    Qu-ax peg stilts are also great for workshops. Both the leg and calf struts are removable allowing the stilts to pack down to only 37cm long for easy transport.

    Minimum height footrest: 22 cm
    Maximum height footrest: 32 cm
    Length of footplate: 22.5 cm
    Maximum width of footrest (heel): 8 cm
    Maximum height of calf-support: 44.5 cm
    Minimum height of calf-support: 32.5 cm
    Maximum user weight: up to 60kg/9st,4lb

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  • Voltige Peg Stilts Pro2 with shock absorbers

    Voltige Peg Stilts Pro2 with shock absorbers

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    Typical of French circus specialist Voltige's stylish and practical design. The stilts support the backs of your calves and allow you to stand on top of the stilts rather than to one side. The telescopic tubular design enables quick and easy adjustment between 4 heights - This is fixed and you can't adjust these unless you purchase additional posts.

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