Oddballs stock a comprehensive range of hand-held stilts, peg stilts (or 'chinese stilts' as they're sometimes known) and platform stilts. If you're confused about what stilts to buy you can always contact us.Generally speaking the more money you spend the better the quality stilts you'll get, but it is worth having a think about what you want to do with your stilts. For children and basic workshops on balance it's worth having a look at hold-on stilts. If you're a performer, peg stilts or platform stilts might be more your thing.

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  • Qu-AX Aluminium Adjustable Stilts

    Qu-AX Aluminium Adjustable Stilts

    These adjustable aluminium stilts from Qu-Ax are much stronger than their wooden equivalents and lots of fun. The stilts come with durable rubber feet. The hand grips are very comfortable foam rubber and can be adjusted in several steps up to 1.6m. The footrest height is adjustable up to 30cm. If you're looking to buy a set of hold-on stilts that will be used by adults and children, and that you'll most likely never have to replace, this is the set for you. Exceptional quality stilts from this prestigious German manufacturer.

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  • Qu-ax Adjustable peg stilts.

    Qu-ax Adjustable peg stilts.

    These QU-AX stilts are very easy to use and maintain. Wearers use the huge Velcro straps to properly secure them and ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Specifically designed for smaller users (up to 60KG/9st4), with fully adjustable footrests and foot-heights, they are ideal for children of all ages.

    Qu-ax peg stilts are also great for workshops. Both the leg and calf struts are removable allowing the stilts to pack down to only 37cm long for easy transport.

    Minimum height footrest: 22 cm
    Maximum height footrest: 32 cm
    Length of footplate: 22.5 cm
    Maximum width of footrest (heel): 8 cm
    Maximum height of calf-support: 44.5 cm
    Minimum height of calf-support: 32.5 cm
    Maximum user weight: up to 60kg/9st,4lb

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