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  • 28" QU-AX Ultimate Wheel

    28" QU-AX Ultimate Wheel

    Ultimate - Unicycle without a frame! Unridable? No, no, that`s possible ... with a bit (or more) practise and you will get a new feeling.

    This Ultimate is made by aluminium and is ultra-stiff and strong.

    • Wheel size: 28"

    • Material: 7005 Aluminum

    • Color: Blue anodised

    • Tire: Kenda 47-700 (26 x 1.75 inch), up to 8.5Bar (125PSI)

    • Valve: Schrader valve

    • Pedals: Plastic BMX

    • Pedal pitch: 320mm (same as 160mm cranks on unicycle)

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