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All of our accessories and parts for unicycles including clamps, cranks, pedals, saddles, seat posts, inner tubes and tyres plus a good selection of unicycle tools.

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  • MKS Indoor Rubber Pedals

    MKS Indoor Rubber Pedals

    Great pedals for indoors, made by MKS with rubbery bumper on outside edge to protect floors if unicycle is dropped.

    Sold in pairs, 9/16 thread. Great for freestyle. Grey in colour so will not mark floors.

    Weight per pedal: 155g
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  • MKS Freestyle Pedals

    MKS Freestyle Pedals

    Japanese made freestyle pedal from MKS - the ultimate bespoke pedal manufacturer. These plastic pedals are a slightly cheaper alternative to the Rubber Pedals, but offer great performance for freestyle riders. Sold as a Pair Learn More

  • MKS Cross Pedals

    MKS Cross Pedals

    What MKS don't know about pedals probably isn't worth knowing - founded in 1943, they've been producing bespoke, custom and speciality pedals for a long time. These plastic cross pedals are a brilliant white and ideal for unicycles geared up to racing, long distance or games. The teeth make these pedals very grippy so perhaps not ideal for flatland/freestyle riding. Learn More

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