Our full selection of unicycle pedals, suitable for all the models that we stock. We carry pedals made by Indy, Qu-Ax and MKS.

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  • Indy Trainer Pedals

    Indy Trainer Pedals

    A basic set of unicycle pedals compatible with Indy unicycle cranks. Price is for a pair. Both top and bottom have a mottled sections which act as adequate grip, without using spikes. Each pedal weighs 150g. Make sure you insert the RIGHT pedal in to the RIGHT crank and LEFT pedal in to the LEFT crank to avoid cross-threading. The pedals also carry small reflector pads.
    Pedal Size: 26mm x 70mm x 93mm

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  • Qu-Ax Anti-Slip Pedals

    Qu-Ax Anti-Slip Pedals

    Anti-Slip pedals are a budget offering from Qu-Ax unicycles - they're hard and resistant on the outside with the perfect amount of grip on the middle of the pedal.

    The pedals also have rounded corners which makes them somewhat appropriate for indoor riding.

    Supplied as a pair.

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  • Indy Freestyle Pedals

    Indy Freestyle Pedals

    Plastic DX style pedals from Indy Unicycles. Slightly heavier than the trainer pedals at 170g each, these are suitable for more aggressive riding. The larger, stylised platform on these pedals should give a little more stability and purchase when performing flat land tricks. These pedals feature small, blunt spikes on both top and bottom which some more advanced riders prefer. These are very strong and their plastic bodies should make the suitable for some indoor riding.
    110mm x 98mm x 26mm

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  • MKS Cross Pedals

    MKS Cross Pedals

    What MKS don't know about pedals probably isn't worth knowing - founded in 1943, they've been producing bespoke, custom and speciality pedals for a long time. These plastic cross pedals are a brilliant white and ideal for unicycles geared up to racing, long distance or games. The teeth make these pedals very grippy so perhaps not ideal for flatland/freestyle riding. Learn More

  • MKS Freestyle Pedals

    MKS Freestyle Pedals

    Japanese made freestyle pedal from MKS - the ultimate bespoke pedal manufacturer. These plastic pedals are a slightly cheaper alternative to the Rubber Pedals, but offer great performance for freestyle riders. Sold as a Pair Learn More

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    Qu-AX Alloy Cross Pedals

    Qu-AX Alloy Cross Pedals

    Mean looking Cross Pedals from Qu-Ax Germany. Designed for ultimate grip whilst doing off-road riding. Very strong yet light weight. The pins on these pedals are not removable. Learn More

  • MKS Indoor Rubber Pedals

    MKS Indoor Rubber Pedals

    Great pedals for indoors, made by MKS with rubbery bumper on outside edge to protect floors if unicycle is dropped.

    Sold in pairs, 9/16 thread. Great for freestyle. Grey in colour so will not mark floors.

    Weight per pedal: 155g
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    Qu-AX 'QX Series' Pedals

    Qu-AX 'QX Series' Pedals

    These are PVC pedals developed by Qu-Ax as part of the QX series - their endeavour to make sophisticated, high-tech unicycle components for the demanding unicyclist. These pedals are perfect for flatland tricks, are very stylish and incredibly light. They have a huge surface to give you plenty of leverage and grip (when you need it). They have changeable metal pins (and come with replacement plastic pins to keep your shoes looking nice). Supplied in a nice presentation box. Available in BLACK, transparent and glow in the dark.

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  • Qu-AX Magnesium Cross Pedals

    Qu-AX Magnesium Cross Pedals

    The ultimate choice for off-road unicyclists. These smart looking unicycle pedals are a powder coated yellow are made from Magnesium and very light at 380g. The pins are replaceable and the inner bearings sealed to give a nicer ride. Learn More

  • QX Black Beauty Pedals

    QX Black Beauty Pedals

    Without a doubt, the best advanced Muni pedals we stock. Black Beauty Pedals are extremely light with fantastic grip and a unique look. Crafted to exact specifications from quality magnesium. CrMo-axle and industrial bearings and a 9/16? thread. When you need the best look no further than the QX series.

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