Oddballs carries a wide range of unicycle saddles for both Indy and Qu-Ax unicycles. There should be a saddle to match the kind of riding you're aiming for amongst our selection.

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  • Qu-ax Bumper & integrated Handle (no hole) - Yellow

    Qu-ax Bumper & integrated Handle (no hole) - Yellow

    Bumper & handle (integrated) w/o hole for QU-AX Luxus, Trial, Muni-saddles - Yellow Learn More

  • Qu-AX Standard Saddle

    Qu-AX Standard Saddle

    A simple, comfortable saddle from Qu-AX. Strong yellow bumpers give that distinctive qu-ax look and add a little protection. Seat post is sold seperately.

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  • Indy Trainer Saddle & Stem

    Indy Trainer Saddle & Stem

    The Justek Trainer Saddle as found on all the Indy Trainer unicycles. This stem is slightly thinner (22.2 ⌀) and the saddle smaller than the Freesyle variation. Still very tough and comfortable. Comes with tough, black bumper and handle.

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  • Indy 'Freestyle' Saddle & Seat Post

    Indy 'Freestyle' Saddle & Seat Post

    This is the Indy saddle and stem as found on the Freestyle Model. It features Red bumpers and is pretty durable. This is the only saddle we sell that comes fitted with a stem (25.4⌀).

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  • Qu-Ax Kids Dandelion Saddle - Black with Yellow ends

    Qu-Ax Kids Dandelion Saddle - Black with Yellow ends

    Smaller children need smaller unicycles (Have a look at our range here). But they also deserve an ergonomic saddle! This offering from Qu-Ax ticks both boxes. It features a classic assembly with 4 cover-nuts, smooth underside and integrated seatpost-head It also has changeable bumpers and no handle (to make it narrow enough for children).

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  • Qu-AX Luxus Unicycle Saddle - Various Colours Available

    Qu-AX Luxus Unicycle Saddle - Various Colours Available

    The same saddle as found on the Luxus series of unicycles from Qu-Ax. A more exaggerated front works as a handle and is robust enough to survive repeated impacts. Its also pretty comfortable - available in 3 colours including 'Flame Style' for serious West Coast vibes and loads more speed (probably).

    NOTE: The Black saddle has yellow handles Learn More

  • Qu-AX Muni Saddle

    Qu-AX Muni Saddle

    The QU-AX Muni, Trial, Street saddle, comes with next to all QU-AX Munis robust cover, well cushioned for Muni changeable yellow bumper and handle (with hole) sides are reinforced with Kevlar extra solid fiber-injected base 794 g Learn More

  • Qu-AX Street/Cross Saddle

    Qu-AX Street/Cross Saddle

    A really comfortable saddle from Qu-Ax - it needs to be though if you're planning on doing some street and off-road riding. The exaggerated bumber can act as a handle for hopping and jumping tricks. They're also really tough.

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  • QX Series Saddle

    QX Series Saddle

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    The ultimate trick saddle from Qu-Ax. The QX series is an endeavour by Qu-Ax to create the best components possible. This seat is as comfortable as it is tough.

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  • QX Eleven Saddle

    QX Eleven Saddle

    Fresh for Spring 2015 comes the Eleven Saddle from Qu-Ax, deisgned with their hardcore QX series in mind. This saddle was developed alongside Kris Holm and as an advancement on the KH Fusion saddles. Besides a slightly modified shape (less width in the middle), it also features a "double-density foam". This means the saddle has a softer density top layer and a fairly high density foam core in the middle of the saddle. The higher density core prevents the rider from sinking too far into the foam, makes the saddle curve gentler, and adds shock absorbency for harder impacts. Foam is trimmed tightly along the sides, particularly towards the front, to minimize chafing. The saddle cutaway is shaped to reduce centre pressure. Very durable cover in QX-design, compatible with T-bars, Reinforcement-plates and KH handles. Compatible with all Qu-Ax seat posts.

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