Giraffe Unicycles

Giraffe unicycles aimed mainly at performers. We stock Giraffes by Indy and Qu-Ax.

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  • Qu-AX Giraffe Unicycle

    Qu-AX Giraffe Unicycle

    A strong, robust performance giraffe unicycle from Qu-Ax, Germany.
    At 150cm tall, this unicycle is a bit of a daunting challenge.
    One of the great things about giraffe unicycles is their presence in a performance. Often refered to by performers as a L.I.M.O ( large, impressive, metalic, object). Many people do not realise that Giraffes are actually easier to idle than a standard height unicycle.

    Exceptional build quality and a very comfortable saddle.
    Comes with a blue anodised aluminium rim, a single, strong chain, PVC pedals and a grippy 20" black tyre. The lower chain wheel is also fixed via a disc-brake-hub-mount, rather than welded (as on cheaper versions).
    We advise wearing some safety gear when riding this unicycle.

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  • QX Alloy Giraffe Unicycle

    QX Alloy Giraffe Unicycle

    This is a super light, super strong giraffe unicycle geared towards performers. It features an alloy frame, sophistciated Qu-Ax saddle with compact handle and bumper. The QX Giraffe uses a cool white chain with alloy crank system.
    The height from bottom-bracket to the ground is 93 cm. The frame height (centre of bottom-bracket / top of seat-tube) is 39.5 cm. The Alloy Giraffe also uses white Profi NoSlip pedals a white QU-AX tyre inflatable up to 4.6 bars. Whilst not suitable for trick riding, this unicycle offers a rigid, agile ride for unicyclists who prefer a giraffe.

    Item Specs:

    Brand - Qu-Ax
    Saddle - QU-AX Luxus saddle
    Seat Post - 500 mm alloy seatpost
    Clamp - Double Clamp
    Frame - Qu-Ax Giraffe
    Hub System - Cotterless Peg
    Hub Setting - cartridge bottom-bracket
    Crank - 127mm Alloy
    Rim - Black 20"
    Tyre - White Qu-Ax Tyre
    Pedals - Profi Non-Slip
    Player Level - Intermediate
    Style - Giraffe

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