Giraffe Unicycles

Giraffe unicycles aimed mainly at performers. We stock Giraffes by Indy and Qu-Ax.

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  • Indy 20" (1.5m)  Giraffe Unicycle

    Indy 20" (1.5m) Giraffe Unicycle

    This excellent value giraffe is a great introduction to riding high.
    At 1.5m (5 feet) tall it's not too challenging for any competent unicyclist but will definitely still impress.
    This robust unicycle is great value for money

    • Single drive chain
    • Justek Deluxe saddle
    • Quick-release seat adjustment
    • Two piece non-slip pedals
    • 20" 36 spoke wheel
    • Minimum Leg Length: 67cm
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  • Qu-AX Giraffe Unicycle

    Qu-AX Giraffe Unicycle

    A strong, robust performance giraffe unicycle from Qu-Ax, Germany.
    At 150cm tall, this unicycle is a bit of a daunting challenge.
    One of the great things about giraffe unicycles is their presence in a performance. Often refered to by performers as a L.I.M.O ( large, impressive, metalic, object). Many people do not realise that Giraffes are actually easier to idle than a standard height unicycle.

    Exceptional build quality and a very comfortable saddle.
    Comes with a blue anodised aluminium rim, a single, strong chain, PVC pedals and a grippy 20" black tyre. The lower chain wheel is also fixed via a disc-brake-hub-mount, rather than welded (as on cheaper versions).
    We advise wearing some safety gear when riding this unicycle.

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  • QX Alloy Giraffe Unicycle

    QX Alloy Giraffe Unicycle

    This is a super light, super strong giraffe unicycle geared towards performers. It features an alloy frame, sophistciated Qu-Ax saddle with compact handle and bumper. The QX Giraffe uses a cool white chain with alloy crank system.
    The height from bottom-bracket to the ground is 93 cm. The frame height (centre of bottom-bracket / top of seat-tube) is 39.5 cm. The Alloy Giraffe also uses white Profi NoSlip pedals a white QU-AX tyre inflatable up to 4.6 bars. Whilst not suitable for trick riding, this unicycle offers a rigid, agile ride for unicyclists who prefer a giraffe.

    Item Specs:

    Brand - Qu-Ax
    Saddle - QU-AX Luxus saddle
    Seat Post - 500 mm alloy seatpost
    Clamp - Double Clamp
    Frame - Qu-Ax Giraffe
    Hub System - Cotterless Peg
    Hub Setting - cartridge bottom-bracket
    Crank - 127mm Alloy
    Rim - Black 20"
    Tyre - White Qu-Ax Tyre
    Pedals - Profi Non-Slip
    Player Level - Intermediate
    Style - Giraffe

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