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Trials riding in the world of unicycles involves jumping, balancing, clearing obstacles, negotiating tough paths and generally making life difficult for yourself. If you're interested in performing tough tricks on all kinds of terrain and looking for a unicycle to take some serious punishment, then this is the section for you. You can expect high spec. models and fantastic performance from this selection.

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  • Qu-AX  20" Starter MUNI Unicycle

    Qu-AX 20" Starter MUNI Unicycle

    This model was previously known as the 'Qu-Ax Crossfire' but that line has since been discontinued - The 20" Starter Muni is tweaked version of that unicycle - an entry level trials unicycle - Normally 'Trials' unicycles come with a bulkier 19" tyre but this model is fitted with a QU-AX QCross tire and lightweight ISIS cranks and hubs.

    This means that the 20" Starter Muni is suitable for street riding, smaller jumps and entry level trials - but if you want a unicycle that can cope with more abuse and even mountains have a look here

    Being a Qu-Ax unicycle with ISIS hub/crank system this is a great starting point for people interested in trials riding as almost all parts of the unicycle could be upgraded at a later date.

    Qu-Ax Ref no. 1500

    • 2008 Black frame - grip tape on shoulders
    • QU-AX QCross tire.
    • Qu-Ax Red ISIS hub - 48 hole
    • Strong 20" double-walled alloy rim.
    • Silver single-bolted seatclamp.
    • 350mm long 25.4mm diam. aluminium seatpost.
    • Qu-Ax 'Luxus' Saddle with intergrated handle and bumper.
    • QX series Pedals
    • 125mm ISIS aluminium cranks.
    • Weighs 5.6kg

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  • Qu-AX 19" Trials Unicycle

    Qu-AX 19" Trials Unicycle

    The Qu-ax 19" Trials is suited to serious trials and off-road riding.
    It comes with a yellow 48 hole hollow hub with ISIS drive, lighweight hollow spindle, aluminium seat post with re-enforcement triangle and flat-crown-forks with grip tape. And of course there's the lovely low profile cushioned saddle with grab handle, ideal for trials riding. The model is completed with BMX aluminium pedals and 48 spoke wheel with double walled alloy rims and a 202 x 2.52 Maxxis creepy crawler trials tyre.
    This is a unicycle built to take serious punishment. Ideally suited to very aggressive, adventurous riders.


  • ISIS-hub, 48 holes, hollow axle, yellow
  • light QU-AX ZeroQ cranks 125 mm, anodized in ti-grey
  • QU-AX Muni-saddle with handle
  • double-bolt aluminum seatclamp
  • QU-AX-BX45 double walled rim, aluminum, 48-holes
  • 19″x2,5″ Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire
  • BMX aluminum pedals
  • Flatcrownframe with diamond-knurled surface on top and Magura-sockets (perfect for children riding DH)
  • aluminum seatpost with reinforcement gusset, Ø 25,4 mm
  • weight: 5,9 kg
  • minimum inseam: 64 cm

Leg length sizes: max. 970mm (38"), min. 880mm (35"), cut down seat post min. 670mm (27"). Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.

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  • Qu-AX 29" Starter MUNI Unicycle

    Qu-AX 29" Starter MUNI Unicycle

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    This is an affordable, off-road unicycle from Qu-Ax designed for unicyclists who want to cover a lot of distance and maybe some light offroad trails.
    This model was originally part of the now discontinued 'Cross Fire' range but has subsequently been 'beefed up' to compete alongside their Muni offerings.
    This is an ideal touring unicyling and ready for some lighter trials riding

    -29"x 2.2" Karma Pro high pressure tyre (foldable and very light)
    -flatcrown fork with griptape on the edge, magura sockets (no brake included but there's potential to upgrade on this model)
    -double walled alloy rim
    -QU-AX- Trials Saddle - well cushioned, with handle
    -Alloy seatpost 350 mm
    -Alloy seatclamp, black
    -ISIS hub - 48 holes - red
    -Light ISIS QU-AX ZeroQ cranks 145 mm - alloy - grey anodized
    -Light QX-series PVC pedals
    -Weight: 6.2 kg

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  • Qu-AX 29" 'QX Series' Unicycle

    Qu-AX 29" 'QX Series' Unicycle

    All QX series models use the very best high end components.
    All QX components are the result of ten years development from testing by the Qu-ax riders team.
    If your looking for the very best - this is where to look...
    * 29"x2,2" Kenda Karma Pro high pressure tyre (light, foldable)
    * alloy double walled QU-AX rim
    * QU-AX Freestyle-saddle with handle, KH based, changeable bumpers
    * alloy gusset seatpost 350 mm
    * QX-series alloy double-bolt seatclamp, white
    * ISIS hub, 48 holes, red
    * ISIS alloy cranks 170 mm
    * light QX-series PVC pedals
    * light QX-series alloy frame, flatcrowm with Magura-sockets, glossy black
    * weight: 5,95 kg

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