• Design for Children: Juggle Dream Diabolo Features In New Childrens Book

    Play, Ride, Learn, Eat, Create, Sit, Sleep.

    We recently received our copy of Design for Children published by PHAIDON. In this book, author Kimberlie Birks, showcases classic skill toys which includes everything from; yoyos, hula hoops, spinning tops and diabolos. The featured diabolo in this case is a Juggle Dream diabolo shot and contributed by our in-house photographer Chris Green.

    Product is described as...

    A comprehensive, genre-defining survey of children's product and furniture design from Bauhaus to today

    Design for Children, a must-have book for all style-conscious and design-savvy readers, documents the evolution of design for babies, toddlers, and beyond. The book spotlights more than 450 beautiful, creative, stylish, and clever examples of designs created exclusively for kids - from toys, furniture, and tableware, to textiles, lights, and vehicles.

    Contemporary superstars and twentieth-century masters, including Philippe Starck, Nendo, Marc Newson, Piero Lissoni, Kengo Kuma, and Marcel Wanders, are showcased.

    What the Reviews are saying:

    "For older, design-savvy and style-conscious kids or those interested in product, lighting and furniture design."—City Kids

    "At a time when the market for well-made, innovative objects for children is undergoing a transformative, and global explosion, Design for Children documents the evolution of craftsmanship, exceptional production and modern aesthetics throughout this increasingly important field of design."—AbsolutelyMama.co.uk

    "Catalogues 450 of the most enduring designs created exclusively for children."—Western Living Magazine

    "Elegant, radical, fun: Children's toys that even adults will cherish."—CNN Style

    "Design for Children outlines the history of children's design through seven categories: Play, Ride, Learn, Eat, Create, Sit, and Sleep. By spotlighting more than 450 designs created exclusively for children (toys, furniture, tableware, textiles, lights, vehicles, and more) this book thoroughly explores the benefit of thoughtful child-centric design."—Metropolis Online

    "A 536-page history lesson on child-oriented design... Preserve[s] the timeless designs of yesteryear and promote[s] the quality ones that still exist today."—Cool Hunting



    Format: Hardback
    Size: 245 x 210 mm (9 5/8 x 8 1/4 in)
    Pages: 536 pp
    Illustrations: 650 illustrations
    ISBN: 9780714875194

    Available to purchase on Amazon or directly from PHAIDON.

    You Can Buy The Featured Diabolo here:

  • Morgan & West: Parlour Tricks

    The magic duo Morgan & West are performing at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing Saturday 10th November. It is  .

    Morgan & West have fooled Penn & Teller (Fool Us ITV 1, as seen in the clip below), competed to be the Next Great Magician (ITV 1), and even attempted to escape The Slammer (CBBC). Join these practitioners of prestidigitation for an unforgettable evening of magic, mystery, and the unexplainable.

    Special Promo from Worthing Theatres for Oddballs customers!

    Quote MAGIC to receive two tickets for £20!


    Saturday 10th November 2018

    Start Time

    Connaught Theatre

    Tickets from
    FWT £10.50

    Running time
    90 minutes

  • Bubble Daze 5

    Set over 3 days in Caernarfon near Snowdonia, the World Bubble Festival: Bubble Daze 5 is a weekend of bubbles, blowing, and bursting.

    With unique performances and lessons by Bubble Magic, Tom Noddy and Dr Cyril Isenberg MBE, visitors can expect to see over 80 international bubble artists, bubble street shows, a family bubble rave and more.

    Not only that, on Sunday (23rd September), Guinness Book of Records officials will arrive to oversee an attempt to break two world bubble records: the largest number of people to create giant bubbles in one place and the greatest number of people to produce multi-bubbles.

    Though there will be many bubble products available at the event, it doesn't hurt to stock up first. Here are a few of our favourite bubble products that we'll be bringing:

    Not enough? There's more here!

  • Intarsi UK Premiere Review

    I was quite surprised to find four men on stage working together, and wondered where the women were, but settled down to watch. 

    The performers were really skilled with a perfectly timed flowing show. Unusual and innovative comes to mind and the dance wove its stories and relationships about inclusion and exclusion which were sometimes funny and true.

    I loved the use of the staging with its use as doors, slides, seats and the use of levels. It was definitely like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. The movement of these was almost too much as the mind was not used to such actions. I would love to see more colour in the pieces as reflects the circus.

    It was obvious to me the act was timed precisely and was cleverly devised. The costumes were good but I really wanted even more contrast between the characters at times.

    Musically it was very clever and satisfying and kept the tension of the performance throughout.

    I would like to see an even stronger story link to the characters It seemed to happen in pairs most of the time, but I personally think that a strong story line throughout would enhance the whole performance. I really was inspired by this as it was so well rehearsed and thought out I would most certainly invite all my associates to see this performance. Well done and what a treat to watch.

    Susi Oddball

    This event was organised by Worthing Theatres. To keep up to date with upcoming circus related events visit Worthing Theatres website.

  • InTarsi


    Use the promo code: 'JUMP' for £5 off a pair of tickets

    UK Premiere of this award-winning piece of physical theatre from Barcelona.
    A circus show with an original soundtrack and a strong, funny & uplifting story suitable for all ages.

    A few smallish platforms, a trampoline, a teeterboard and four men…

    As a society, in a digital age we are the most connected we have ever been. Yet loneliness and isolation are becoming more and more relevant. Through the power of circus skills and physical theatre, watch in awe as four incredible performers explore these themes with an atmosphere of gentle humour, carrying out their investigations on an ingenious set that constantly morphs into different landscapes.

    Four acrobats run into, carry and throw each other around and sweep us along in their physical and metaphorical dance: meetings, exploits, mistakes, power games, seductions, manipulations, a glimpse into the kaleidoscope of human relationships in a universe pieced together by fragments of life.

    A circus in constant movement: strong, poetic, funny and heart-warming; a show, which inspires real tenderness for the strange beast that is the human being.

  • Gandini - '8 Songs'

    Beautiful venue for this evenings performance of '8 Songs' from the Gandini juggling group. I could go into great detail about how well choreographed the show was, how well the songs were chosen and what emotions you could read from the performers in their expressive movements and specific juggling patterns, but I won't. The entire evenings spectacle was so gripping. The group I went with consisted of fellow jugglers (myself included) and watching what could be described as basic or simplistic patterns, just fit so well. The complexity of moving around the stage and interacting with one another was intriguing. There was so many moments where the audience were in awe, yet we weren't sure if we should clap or sit there with our mouths and eyes wide open.

    The choice in venue was rather captivating. The size of the stage worked really well for all the movements without a feeling of being crowded or confined, yet the audience being close enough to look around the stage and not feel like anything was lost. That being said, there was so much to look at, in that if your eyes diverted away from the main attraction, the cast were doing things in the background in changes of body language that always interlinked back to center stage, always keeping you entertained no matter where you looked. Alongside the stage size, something that really helped set the mood for the various performances was their choice in lighting - having the spotlights cast overwhelming and powerful shadows to bring attention back, yet if you looked to the walls, you had dancing silhouettes, rather beautiful.
    The entire show was phenomenal. In every act the symmetry was beautiful. How in sync the jugglers were even with one of them having only rehearsed alongside the others for a week, astounding. That's what really stood out for me, is that with 6 jugglers, you call all be in rhythm with one another.
    To sum it all up in one word - fascinating.

    More information about Worthing Theatres 'Summer of Circus' can be found here.

  • Calling All Jugglers We Have A Competition For You!

    With this years competition in full swing, let’s have a look at last years winners for some
    inspiration. We were overwhelmed with the number of entries, and the stunning array of skills,
    tricks and imagination. It was fantastic to see such a variety of ages, abilities and personalities
    which makes our community so vibrant and fun. Here’s why we picked last year’s winners:

    The Juggler by Peter Ȧberg (Runners-up):

    The Juggler <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

    We love how Peter’s video expresses a diversity of talent and skills within our community. The
    video visualises the lifestyle and hidden struggles of performers. Peter becomes a storyteller to
    show us that juggling is great fun, but also gives us a real insight into the continuously long hours
    of practicing, the throbbing forearms and bruises and the drive to master that one trick which
    seams impossible. We can all relate to this video in one way or another.

    Want to learn club juggling techniques?

    As seen in the video: Juggle Dream Solo. 1PC Club - Set of three

    Juggl3ring by clp (Runners-up):

    Juggl3ring <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

    We love how effortlessly cool this ring-juggler handles multiple tricks on continuous flow without
    breaking a sweat. It’s a display of imaginative ideas with high levels of concentration and fluent
    motion. You can imagine the hours of practice they have done and the dedication to perfect these
    tricks. We love the creativity and uniqueness of the performance.

    Want to give ring juggling a go?

    As seen in the video: Kosmos 35cm Juggling Rings (available in different colours)

    Russian Juggling New Year Collaboration 2018 by jumpropemaster (Runners-up):

    Russian Juggling New Year Collaboration 2018 <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

    This video perfectly demonstrates that juggling is much more than just a skill. It is a community
    and a lifestyle. It visualises the diversity of age, abilities and backgrounds. It gives us a warm
    feeling inside showing that we are all a family that comes together with our passion for juggling.
    This video has the wow factor with the explosion of skills and performance styles, and how
    enthusiastic the youngest generations are to carry on the tradition.

    Want to give hula hooping a go?

    As seen in the video: Juggle Dream One Piece Hula Hoop (available in different colours and sizes)

    Summer tricks by ŁukaszUczkiewicz (WINNER!):

    Summer tricks <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

    We love seeing jugglers developing their own individual style and be able to project their
    personality into their performance. When watching Lukasz perform, we genuinely felt like we knew
    him and his passion for juggling. We were stunned by his spatial awareness and the ability to mix
    bind catches whilst behind juggling. We are continuously inspired by the next generation with their
    creativity and attitude towards juggling with enthusiasm to take it to the next level.

    Want to juggle like Lukasz?

    As seen in the video: Play MMX2 Juggling Ball - 70mm

    We hope we’ve inspired you and given you some super ideas for tricks, performance styles and
    storylines. Get your creative hat on and get juggling! We can’t wait to see your videos. See our
    previous blog post for all the competition information.

  • Juggling TV Champion Competition 2018

    Calling all jugglers and performers, this is for you!

    We’re hosting a contest to showcase your skills and ingenuity with a chance to win some great
    prizes. This is open for all abilities and styles of juggling. We want to celebrate the diversity and
    passion within our community and to skill-share with one another.

    It’s super simple to enter. Record a video your most fun and innovative tricks and upload them to
    Juggling TV. (Videos uploaded before the start date will not be included in the voting process).

    Use this year’s hashtag #JTVC18 to share your entry and skills with fellow performers.

    This competition lasts for the period of a year, allowing plenty of time to get creative and capture
    some exciting footage. Any video uploaded between 20th June 2018 and 30th June 2019 will be
    entered into the competition. Winners will be announced shortly after.

    We have two top secret judges with over 60 years experience of juggling and skills between them!
    The videos will be judged on several aspects including: technical skill, comedy, image quality,
    direction and storytelling as well as anything which makes your video stand out.


    Our prizes have generously been donated by Oddballs who have supported JTV since day one.

    1st Prize: £1000 store voucher from oddballs.co.uk

    2nd, 3rd & 4th Prize: £300 store voucher from oddballs.co.uk


    No matter your experience or skill level, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Email Fixes Over Bank Holiday Weekend

    Update: These are working as normal now (Sunday 27th).

    We are making some changes to emails over the bank holiday weekend.

    This means you may not receive your order confirmation emails until Tuesday 29th May.

    Your orders are being processed as normal! You will just get your confirmation email about it later.

    If you create an account and use that to make an order, you will be able to confirm the details of the order in your Account Dashboard.

    We apologise for the disruption, things will be back to normal very soon.

  • New Website and early Christmas Deals!

    You may have noticed a few things have changed about Oddballs, as in everything. Someone mentioned it's 2017, so we decided to get with the times and update our website (and also update our deals!).

    Some of the things we're excited about:

    It's designed to work on all screen sizes and devices

    We've improved the layout, helping you reach the products you want

    We've improved and streamlined the checkout process (especially for Paypal users). We have plans to improve this even more.

    There's much more, and there'll be many more improvements coming in the new year.

    As with every Christmas, we have a great selection of deals for you. From ball deals, such as the 3 x Juggle Dream 'Shineys' Premium Thuds + Instant Juggler - Balls DVD, club deals like the 3x Juggle Dream Trainer Club + Oddballs Instant Club DVD + JD Club Bag or yoyo deals like the Henry Lizard + Learn how to Yoyo DVD + 10x YoYo String, we have something for everyone.

    If you have any feedback or questions about the new website, please comment below, or contact us here.


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