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  • Juggle Dreamers

    Hello again all you juggle dreamers, Chirpsy Oddblogger here about to let you in on all the good stuff thats come our way in the past couple of weeks. First things first, Im delighted to announce the arrival of our newest range of beanbag balls, the beautiful Juggle Dream 8 Ball! An 8 paneled, medium weight, faux leather ball with great stitching. More panels makes for a more stable and durable ball, and with a wide range of pearlescent colours we just love them. And the goodies just keep on coming with our new yo-yo, the Infinity Basic Pro.  Its interchangeable bearings mean it can transform from a basic beginners yo-yo to a more advanced yo-yo, so its abilities grow with yours. It’s also available in a large variety of colours. One final slice of good pie for you all is to let you know of the Birmingham Ballring circus convention on Saturday 19th February. Aimed at novices and professionals alike, it’s also bound to be a big hit for Kendama fiends with The Void giving a dazzling Kendama performance. Located at the University of Birmingham Guild of Students it’s sure to be great day for juggle lovers. That’s all ‘til next time, folks, Chirpsy out.

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