Monthly Archives: March 2011

  • No Euro Trash Here!

    Hello Oddballers, apologies at the lateness of our latest blog, we’ve been rather busy! However, we’re not returning to you empty-handed. We can’t wait to introduce to you our brand-shining-new clubs; the Juggle Dream Euro Classic Juggling Club! An Entry Level club, this little beauty has a mirrored euro deco, heavy duty rubber knobs and heads, and flips a medium spin. They’re also a sweet club to juggle due to their flat knobs – a flat knob makes for better balancing. We’ve also now got in stock the quirky Monster Feet, green ‘monster foot’ styled 12cm high stilts, perfect for your little monsters (or the little monster in you)!  We’ve also boosted our ‘Big Top’ diabolo range, bringing back blue and orange into the fray, and we’re bringing back the ever-popular Duncan Pulse yo-yo. Finally, you’ll all want to be watching this space for a whole cacophony of new delights; the new Play Rolla Bolla, the Mr. Babache Devil stick, Play plates and Play Junior rings! But that’s for another time.

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