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  • No tricks, just treats!

    Hello my lovely Oddballers, and Happy Halloween! Apologies again for the long absence, but gosh have we got some goodies for you! Some you may be aware of and some you may not. However, I should feel I should mention that it is NEVER too early to get your Christmas shopping in. We all remember the rush of last year and nobody wants a disappointed face on Christmas Day.
    So down to the props! From our friends at Play we have some rather lovely new Sil-X Implosion balls, just like the old ones but in 68mm and 100mm. Good for both juggling and Contact. We also have a new range of Sport juggling balls called the Ugly (by name but not by nature!) These little beauties are a real winner for Siteswap enthusiasts, especially fans of Garfield or Dietz. Another Juggle Dream prop is our new Fire Devil stick – Just as strong and sturdy as it’s more expensive counter parts, but they come with free hand sticks! Finally we have an addition to our Nils Poll range, a new colour way of orange and brown.

  • It's been too long!

    Hello all,

    Well haven't we been a little slack? It must have been the Summer and all our new, lovely products that distracted us from blogging duties. Well the nights are getting shorter and we're focusing our eyes on that big Christmas shaped form in the future...and we're pretty sure that we know what's going to be hot already this Winter. We're excited to have our Lunar-Spin diabolos back in stock for sure. These LED, night-friendly diabolos diffuse light beautifully and tick all the boxes as far as performance and price goes. We're also happy to unveil the new Hurricane diabolo from Juggle Dream. Juggle Dream have become one of the freshest and most innovative prop and skill toy designers in the last few years and the Hurricane is set to become one of your new favourites. It is a large sized diabolo, with slick, glossy cups and a seriously smooth triple ball bearing centre. This has been built for long grinds, infinte suicides and optimum performance. We're also stocking a bundle of new unicycles from Qu-Ax (trust us, they're all beasts!) and are set to have a new range of Sunrise Kendamas hitting our virtual shelves any day now. Couple that with new Pulsar fire torches and we're sure you'll agree that we've got it covered for the next few months

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