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  • Snow Business

    Wow, the weather changed quickly! The view from our big Brighton warehouse is nothing but snow - it is a bit of a shame it didn't arrive over Christmas but nevermind - it is a good enough excuse as any to stay in the warm and play with the new yo-yos from the Infinity 'Pro Series'. These sleek looking, metal bodied yo-yos dropped in on us just before the holidays and we're all still very impressed. Even the budget model, the Katana completely out-performs some of the most expensive yo-yos we stock. If you're looking to get started in the world of technical, 1A yo-yo the Katana is an excellent starting point and won't break the bank. The Voodoo uses hub-stacks to allow players to completely transform their trick style - imagine being able to catch your yo-yo whilst it is still spinning and then throw it back in to the mix! The Voodoo will let you do this and loads more. It's concave bearing allows for immense sleep times and loads of string contact. At the top of the range is the TX-10 - this yo-yo dominates every trick we can throw at it. It's big, blue and beautiful and will sleep so long that we run out of tricks! If you're looking for your next 1A or 3A investment it is definitely worth checking out. All these pro-series yo-yos are totally unresponsive and not suitable for beginners - but have a look at our 'yo-yo world' section and we're sure you'll find a Winter warmer of your own.

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