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  • Upchuck, Bath 2013

    What a great day for a juggle! I haven’t been to a juggling convention in Bath since 1991 and as an added bonus I had Mr Max Oddball with me! This was a really special treat. He is definitely still just as enthusiastic about juggling and still just as competitive playing 3 club Gladiators!
    The running of the convention was very smooth and well organised (well done everyone involved) - the Upchuck crew were really warming and made a comfortable atmosphere throughout the whole day. Plus they arranged a really entertaining show with lots of variety. I was sitting next to one of the most experienced audience members there, The Void. He has definitely seen his fair share of acts and he was filling me in with the exact year each joke told by the compere was first used (This was just as entertaining as the jokes!). There were some really special acts including my favourite- 7 ping pong balls out of the mouth!
    The best trick I saw at the convention was a 5 club reverse cascade which I haven’t seen thrown very much (probably because it's really hard!).  If you're reading this, my hat goes off to you. Thank you once again to organisers for having us and running a great UpChuck 2013!
    Kind Regards
    Alex Oddball

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