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  • Woah, BJC 2013!

    Yup, it is most certainly that time of year again. BJC 2013 is upon us. At this very minute an elite team of organisers are putting together a spectacle the likes of which jugglers haven't seen in 12 whole months! What can you expect at a BJC? More workshops than you can shake a devil stick at, 24 hour juggling, games, battles, community spirit, encouragement, ridiculous tricks, renegades, dangerous (but supervised) stuff and a selection of some of Europe's leading juggling prop manufacturers including...Oddballs! This year we'll be bringing our A-game and showing off lots of the new items and toys we've been working on and sourcing over the last year. If you're attending and fancy a juggle and a chat, come over and say hello. If you can't make it this year, why not pretend you're there...everyone in the oddballs warehouse is going to wear the same clothes for a week, sleep in a tent and watch videos.

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