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  • Yellow Car and the European Juggling Convention 2014

    ejc pic

    Yellow Car and European Juggling Convention 2014 Millstreet


    EJC Was awesome. I won yellow car.

    Little intro bit

    Hi, I'm Mat, I manage our Camden branch. I was lucky enough to go to the EJC with Nathan (General Manager), Alice (honorary Oddballs member of staff) and Mr Max Oddballs (The Boss). Myself Nathan and Alice traveled in the largest van, Max in another.


    Day 1 and Yellow Car

    Up at 5am. Coffee. Selfie for twitter, then on the road (only 380 miles to Dublin). We managed to arrive in Dublin in time for a Guinness and a juggle.

    Whilst on the road I was introduced to the game 'yellow can', the basic rules are 1 point goes to the first person to spot a yellow van through the front window, but you get -1 if you call a non-yellow van (JCB yellow is as dark as it gets, RAC orange is too far). 2 extra points for Mini's and 4 for Beetle's.


    (Day 1 yellow car score: Alice - 47, Nathan - 62, Mat - 34 (my excuse is that I'm new to this game, being Northern we had Eddie Stobart spotting, it seems that southerners had yellow car))


    Day 2

    EJC fever sets in, only 275 miles to go.


    We arrive around 1pm, stretch and get a coffee. Then begins set up - many, many, hours of set up.. many. Then Beer & sleep.

    (Day 2 yellow van scores: Alice - 61, Nathan - 80, Mat - 57 I'm closing the gap after getting lucky with not only a yellow Mini, but a yellow Beetle too!)


    Day 3

    Remember the many hours of set up yesterday? Yes? Well still setting up. As well as our equipment, we're also setting up for Kosmos (super nice LED props in a lovely blackout tent) and trading for Gora (he's having a baby!).


    Trading begins in the afternoon. It's lovely, working at a convention is very different to working in the shop! It was really nice to be surrounded by old friends, though we did get a bit of stall envy, Play had a coffee machine and Henrys had a fridge!


    After trading finishes, time for a play and chatting to as many friends (old and new) as possible.


    (Day 3 yellow car scores: Alice - 61, Nathan - 80, Mat 56 - I got docked a point for trying to claim a yellow car when we weren't in the van)


    Day 4 probably

    EJC vibe has truly set in, days blur together, all I know is that we're all having a blast.


    Things that probably happened


    - Played with many new toys from Kosmos (JS2 Max Oddballs with a balloon on his head
    LED tech with remotes and magnets), Gora (awesome fire gear), Renegade Design Labs (particularly liked their track ring) and some of our new toys (new LED contact balls and hoops.)
    - Drinking much coffee from the circus cabaret tent. Thanks Bob and team, the coffee was amazing!

    - Watching Max get his head inside a giant balloon!

    - Bit of a fire spin.

    Open stage was great, fantastic, innovative acts. Playing was great, conventions never fail to inspire me with new tricks - I managed to separate 3 hoops and find a new 4 ball slam variation.

    Mat does 3 hoops

     Nathan juggling fire clubs


    Day ?

    More trading (everyday) - always fun, more playing (everyday) - also always fun, more chatting (everyday) - extra fun! Played some boardgames (thanks Lazy Juggler) - always fun.


    Other things:
    void diabolo comp
    We sponsored the Diabolo Battle which was epic. Such talent from all over the world. Something that made it even more memorable was the ridiculous storm which happened just before it began, we got soaked trying to find sand bags, dig trenches and stopping the power getting wet! Regardless it was a great show, no matter how wet we all were.


    The Legends stage was incredible, or well legendary... amazing acts from the world's greats!


    Last Day at the EJC

    Had early trading. Many people realised it was their last opportunity so it was pretty busy. Then the pack down happened, we managed to do it quickly and efficiently, this is almost unheard of (we're all jugglers after all!). Had time for a short nap and then hit the road around midnight.


    We got to Dublin, parked up ready for the ferry, another nap.


    (Yellow van scores: Alice 79, Nathan 85, Mat - 60 Alice was on fire)


    We arrived back into the UK for another epic drive filled with much needed coffee breaks, getting home for 8pm on the Sunday night. It was a long, long journey but successful!


    It also seems that Sunday is yellow car day, the scores sky-rocketed!


    The eagerly awaited final yellow van scores:

    Alice 149,

    Nathan 182,

    Mat 185 (actually 131 but I'm writing this so I think I deserve to win)

    yellow car

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