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  • January News

    January is always an exciting time at Oddballs - maybe we're still on a sugar rush from all the treats over the festive period, but it feels likes there's a lot to look forward to. There's a whole selection of new toys to play with that came in at the tail of last year like the Juggle Dream Levi Stick and Fire Levi stick. And if fire excites you, have a look at the Gora staff selection we recently got our hands on. Incredible workmanship and engineering has gone in to each one and makes us feel like contact staff might be the skill of 2015. But we've also heard some news that will excite Kendama fans (watch this space) and have got an eye on the conventions that the year holds - our favourite time of year, no doubt. We hope it was a magical New Year for everyone visiting the site. If you made any videos of new tricks be sure to upload them to and let us know!

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