BJC 2012

Southend was the perfect setting for BJC 2012 - just the right amount of seaside glamour and hospitality to keep everyone happy. Thanks go to all the Essex residents for tolerating the enormous influx of jugglers, hoopers, poi spinners and general oddballs whose wonderful bizarreness make BJC such a special event. Each day (and night) seemed to be packed. You didn't have to walk far to find the British Kendama Open, workshops in every imaginable prop, renegade shows or incredible stalls. Personal highlights for us include some late night club passing with Gora, tandem mini-bikes, more German Wheels in one place than we've ever seen and the 25th year award show (well done everyone that received an award). Congratulations also go to this year's BYJOTY winner - That 5 club flash whilst unicycling was one of the most impressive things we've seen in quite a while, but personally we preferred the unicycle-meets-breakfast-cereal stunts performed at the renegade show. The Juggle Dream Uglies proved themselves to be prop of the convention at the Oddballs Stand, with everyone trying their hand at some WJF-style numbers juggling. There were plenty of other fun, new things to play with like Isolation Bars and Concept Diabolos. Donald Grant was an ace compere on the Saturday night, with a line up that is going to be hard to beat next year. Public Show highlights included a flawless Gandini LED show, the weird but hilarious Matthias Romir and our personal favourite Tony Pezzo with his beautiful yet totally tech ring juggling. The fact that he's so young and so accomplished set the tone for the whole BJC this year. Each day we felt inspired (and perhaps, dare we say, intimidated) by the amount of seriously young jugglers pulling off tricks we've only ever dreamt about. As well as being an important event on every juggler's social calendar and a great excuse to spend all day juggling, BJC proved itself vital for nurturing and encouraging young jugglers to keep pushing themselves whilst giving all the old faces a run for their money.
What more to say than roll on EJC 2012

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