• Design for Children: Juggle Dream Diabolo Features In New Childrens Book

    Play, Ride, Learn, Eat, Create, Sit, Sleep.

    We recently received our copy of Design for Children published by PHAIDON. In this book, author Kimberlie Birks, showcases classic skill toys which includes everything from; yoyos, hula hoops, spinning tops and diabolos. The featured diabolo in this case is a Juggle Dream diabolo shot and contributed by our in-house photographer Chris Green.

    Product is described as...

    A comprehensive, genre-defining survey of children's product and furniture design from Bauhaus to today

    Design for Children, a must-have book for all style-conscious and design-savvy readers, documents the evolution of design for babies, toddlers, and beyond. The book spotlights more than 450 beautiful, creative, stylish, and clever examples of designs created exclusively for kids - from toys, furniture, and tableware, to textiles, lights, and vehicles.

    Contemporary superstars and twentieth-century masters, including Philippe Starck, Nendo, Marc Newson, Piero Lissoni, Kengo Kuma, and Marcel Wanders, are showcased.

    What the Reviews are saying:

    "For older, design-savvy and style-conscious kids or those interested in product, lighting and furniture design."—City Kids

    "At a time when the market for well-made, innovative objects for children is undergoing a transformative, and global explosion, Design for Children documents the evolution of craftsmanship, exceptional production and modern aesthetics throughout this increasingly important field of design."—

    "Catalogues 450 of the most enduring designs created exclusively for children."—Western Living Magazine

    "Elegant, radical, fun: Children's toys that even adults will cherish."—CNN Style

    "Design for Children outlines the history of children's design through seven categories: Play, Ride, Learn, Eat, Create, Sit, and Sleep. By spotlighting more than 450 designs created exclusively for children (toys, furniture, tableware, textiles, lights, vehicles, and more) this book thoroughly explores the benefit of thoughtful child-centric design."—Metropolis Online

    "A 536-page history lesson on child-oriented design... Preserve[s] the timeless designs of yesteryear and promote[s] the quality ones that still exist today."—Cool Hunting



    Format: Hardback
    Size: 245 x 210 mm (9 5/8 x 8 1/4 in)
    Pages: 536 pp
    Illustrations: 650 illustrations
    ISBN: 9780714875194

    Available to purchase on Amazon or directly from PHAIDON.

    You Can Buy The Featured Diabolo here:

  • Email Fixes Over Bank Holiday Weekend

    Update: These are working as normal now (Sunday 27th).

    We are making some changes to emails over the bank holiday weekend.

    This means you may not receive your order confirmation emails until Tuesday 29th May.

    Your orders are being processed as normal! You will just get your confirmation email about it later.

    If you create an account and use that to make an order, you will be able to confirm the details of the order in your Account Dashboard.

    We apologise for the disruption, things will be back to normal very soon.

  • New Website and early Christmas Deals!

    You may have noticed a few things have changed about Oddballs, as in everything. Someone mentioned it's 2017, so we decided to get with the times and update our website (and also update our deals!).

    Some of the things we're excited about:

    It's designed to work on all screen sizes and devices

    We've improved the layout, helping you reach the products you want

    We've improved and streamlined the checkout process (especially for Paypal users). We have plans to improve this even more.

    There's much more, and there'll be many more improvements coming in the new year.

    As with every Christmas, we have a great selection of deals for you. From ball deals, such as the 3 x Juggle Dream 'Shineys' Premium Thuds + Instant Juggler - Balls DVD, club deals like the 3x Juggle Dream Trainer Club + Oddballs Instant Club DVD + JD Club Bag or yoyo deals like the Henry Lizard + Learn how to Yoyo DVD + 10x YoYo String, we have something for everyone.

    If you have any feedback or questions about the new website, please comment below, or contact us here.


  • The Uglies Family Grows

    New Additions to the Uglies family

    There has been the pattering of little feet (...well balls hitting the floor) this week as we received our first delivery of Mini Uglies!

    They’re significantly smaller than the original Uglies, making them even better for higher numbers or for smaller hands. And are still made of the lovely pseudo suede and have a very similar feel (albeit a lot lighter), they seem harder when new, however wear in nicely after some juggling.

    Another new entry to our juggling ball range is the fantastic Juggle Dream Ultimate ball, made from 6 panels of durable PU leatherette, they feel like an ugly but, (dare I say it?) better.

    I’m looking forward to breaking in my new sets of these!


  • Oddnews January 16

    We all had a lovely Christmas time, we ate lots, enjoyed good company, and of course helped Santa make people very happy!

    Now it's January we all have a brand new set of Juggling resolutions, from mastering that elusive 3 ball trick, through learning 3 diabolos all the way to making a hoop routine!

    Coming Events

    Chocfest 21 - York's Juggling Convention (chocolate cake and juggling, what could be better?)
    23rd Jan

    Belfast Juggling Convention 2016 a lovely 3 day event
    12-14 Feb

    Video of the month

    Labyrinth inspired a generation of contact jugglers (myself included!)

    New Stuff!

    Short days and long nights have caused us to get serious with LEDs -

    The Duncan Limelight LED yoyo is here for all your evening yoyoing needs, a nice shiney looper.

    The new Juggle Dream Luxor and Aurora hoops are fantastic LED hoops at a great price! With 100s of functions easily available at the press of a button (they come with a remote!) They're lovely.

    See you next time!

  • OddNews November 15

    It's been a busy year so far! But it's time for the Oddblog to get back on its feet!

    Coming Events

    Milton Keynes Juggling Convention has reached its 6th year!
    Saturday 14th November 2015, 10:00 - 21:00

    The Leeds Juggling Convention 2015 (LJC)
    Saturday 21st November 2015, 10am till 9pm
    Free tea and donuts!

    The British Juggling Convention (BJC) 2016 has opened it's ticket office
    Check for super early bird and Prereg Tickets!

    Video of the Month
    My favorite video this month was "GAMERA" by Hiroki Kamei
    The monster made it for me!

    New Stuff
    We've been busy in the Odd-labs creating new and improved props for you all!

    The Juggle Dream Trainer club has been redesigned, revamped and reinforced, making it a superb beginner club.

    New Juggle Dream Tropics hoop is a wonderfully bright poly LED hoop! Lovely night hooping for everyone!

    We Also have a great new fire torch! The Play Mephisto Torch offers a brand new handle with great protection from heat and extra grip.

    We also have a bunch of Christmas deals up for all your Christmas needs!

    That's all for this time!

  • January News

    January is always an exciting time at Oddballs - maybe we're still on a sugar rush from all the treats over the festive period, but it feels likes there's a lot to look forward to. There's a whole selection of new toys to play with that came in at the tail of last year like the Juggle Dream Levi Stick and Fire Levi stick. And if fire excites you, have a look at the Gora staff selection we recently got our hands on. Incredible workmanship and engineering has gone in to each one and makes us feel like contact staff might be the skill of 2015. But we've also heard some news that will excite Kendama fans (watch this space) and have got an eye on the conventions that the year holds - our favourite time of year, no doubt. We hope it was a magical New Year for everyone visiting the site. If you made any videos of new tricks be sure to upload them to and let us know!

  • Christmas Times

    Oddballs will be packing and processing orders right up until 1pm on the 23rd December - But Please note - to receive your order on the 24th December you must select the Next Day Shipping service.

    The Oddballs Mail Order department will be taking a well earned rest between the 24th - 28th December. All orders and enquiries placed during this time will be processed on the 29th December 2014.

    Oddballs Brighton and Oddballs London will be closed on the 25th and 26th of December (with reduced opening hours on the 24th)

    From everyone at Oddballs, we'd like to wish all our customers a very Spinny, Juggly, Droppy and, most of all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

  • Boom - Concentrate C4!

    The latest Concentrate glow equipment is out – Brighter and better than ever.

    The C4 electronics have now been released. Now with 19 patterns, some new and some of the old ones tweaked, brighter LEDs, and a quartz crystal to keep everything in time. There is a 2nd level programming function that allows you to specify which pattern you want where and for how long then will play them all in one continuous sequence. Great for doing shows!

    For more information on the C4 light unit click here and click on any product.

  • Podpoi Have Arrived!

    We are honored to present the next level in the evolution of poi – podpoi. Years of engineering and development, consciously designed in every aspect, podpoi feature many modes and functions ranging from awesome poi trails to scientific strobing to gorgeous mood lighting. Each mode is adjustable either in color, speed, brightness or pattern. Micro-USB charge-port, all-night runtime and a variety of charging options make it a breeze to keep your poi running during festivals and travel. Made of silicone – the most non-toxic and environmentally-friendly plastic available – podpoi are super-cushy on impact and virtually indestructible. Podpoi - an evolution of our commitment to spreading the beauty and joy of movement and light.

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