Diabolo Sticks

First things first! Get the right string length, even the best sticks in the world are going to difficult to use if the string is way too long or short. Put one stick on the floor, stand on it and bring the other stick parallel up to shoulder and tie off the string there (it’s also not an exact measurement, anywhere between chest and nose is fine)

Right, back diabolo sticks. It’s a difficult choice for every aspiring diaboloist! Do I keep it old school with wooden sticks? Go heavy with Aluminium or light weight with Carbon fiber?

Basic Wooden Sticks

Everybody has their own preference. In my experience, the sticks are the least important part of the diaboloists kit, first the diabolo, then the string, then the sticks! That being said, having a nice set of sticks is a lovely thing.

Almost all budding diaboloists will start with a set of basic wooden sticks, there is nothing wrong with them and some people will keep them from beginner to advanced, I played with basic wooden sticks for a couple of years, then had a fancier set of Henrys wooden sticks for another two.

There are several reasons for people to choose different diabolo sticks (other than wanting a nice upgrade)-

  1. Strength - To an extent, Carbon fiber, Aluminium and other Diabolo sticks are stronger than wooden.
  2. Comfort - A nice foam or silicone handle is very comfortable to hold and catch for prolonged diabolo sessions.
  3. Size - Most other sticks are much thinner than wooden making grinds a lot easier (they also make a great noise!)
  4. Extra Tricks - More commonly used with Carbon fiber sticks (where the string goes completely through the stick and out the other end), though that’s pretty advanced

Juggle Dream Coloured Ali handsticks

The most common set to move to next (or start with for the lucky ones) are the Aluminium handsticks, these are by far the most popular set we sell! They are possibly the most durable sticks (they’ll bend but not break) otherwise the most popular are the Supergrind carbon fiber. These are great sticks under £10

With time, and as you get to meet other Diaboloists you’ll get to try new and different types of sticks, everyone has their own preferences. I personally prefer Carbon Fiber sticks, my current favorite is the Play Deos, which are wider than most (about the same as wooden) making them a little heavier with a silicone handle which is lovely and grippy!

You can find our full range of Diabolo handsticks here , enough to satisfy any diaboloists needs!

Hope that helps, any questions please ask!