Gandini - '8 Songs'

Gandini - '8 Songs'

Beautiful venue for this evenings performance of '8 Songs' from the Gandini juggling group. I could go into great detail about how well choreographed the show was, how well the songs were chosen and what emotions you could read from the performers in their expressive movements and specific juggling patterns, but I won't. The entire evenings spectacle was so gripping. The group I went with consisted of fellow jugglers (myself included) and watching what could be described as basic or simplistic patterns, just fit so well. The complexity of moving around the stage and interacting with one another was intriguing. There was so many moments where the audience were in awe, yet we weren't sure if we should clap or sit there with our mouths and eyes wide open.

The choice in venue was rather captivating. The size of the stage worked really well for all the movements without a feeling of being crowded or confined, yet the audience being close enough to look around the stage and not feel like anything was lost. That being said, there was so much to look at, in that if your eyes diverted away from the main attraction, the cast were doing things in the background in changes of body language that always interlinked back to center stage, always keeping you entertained no matter where you looked. Alongside the stage size, something that really helped set the mood for the various performances was their choice in lighting - having the spotlights cast overwhelming and powerful shadows to bring attention back, yet if you looked to the walls, you had dancing silhouettes, rather beautiful.

The entire show was phenomenal. In every act the symmetry was beautiful. How in sync the jugglers were even with one of them having only rehearsed alongside the others for a week, astounding. That's what really stood out for me, is that with 6 jugglers, you call all be in rhythm with one another.

To sum it all up in one word - fascinating.

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