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UK Premiere of this award-winning piece of physical theatre from Barcelona. A circus show with an original soundtrack and a strong, funny & uplifting story suitable for all ages.

A few smallish platforms, a trampoline, a teeterboard and four men…

As a society, in a digital age we are the most connected we have ever been. Yet loneliness and isolation are becoming more and more relevant. Through the power of circus skills and physical theatre, watch in awe as four incredible performers explore these themes with an atmosphere of gentle humour, carrying out their investigations on an ingenious set that constantly morphs into different landscapes.

Four acrobats run into, carry and throw each other around and sweep us along in their physical and metaphorical dance: meetings, exploits, mistakes, power games, seductions, manipulations, a glimpse into the kaleidoscope of human relationships in a universe pieced together by fragments of life.

A circus in constant movement: strong, poetic, funny and heart-warming; a show, which inspires real tenderness for the strange beast that is the human being.