Universal Flow Gathering 2019

Universal Flow Gathering 2019

Universal Flow Gathering is an annual event takes place in Southern California. Our main mission is to bring people with like minds together to learn and explore. We want to bring all types of communities together to build a safe place for practice and play. Our focus on workshops from a variety of different mediums which include yoga, meditation, healing, and flow arts.

Workshops of all levels We offer a large variety of workshops from hula hooping, juggling, staff spinning, instruments, fire spinner safety, yoga, sound healing, meditation, and aerial silks to name a few.

Music worth spinning to

At night we have amplified music on a Turbo Sound system. We offer a variety of different styles of bass music that we all can enjoy spinning and dancing to. Hosting a number of different electronic music producers and live music. A fire circle is one of the highlights of our event because it's a great way of expressing our day practices in a night setting.

Safety first

Our biggest concern is safety for all of our participants. We teach and enforce strict fire safety to ensure everyone's safety. We follow the NAFAA guidelines and teach multiple fire safety classes to enforce safe practices.


A beautiful desert landscape in Apple Valley, California that is tucked away in a canyon with incredible sights and provides everything we need to make positive growth! The Mojave is a place where one can sit down on the desert floor, see nothing, and hear nothing. Yet through the silence, something throbs and gleams with the energy to awaken your inner soul.



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