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The fast track to being an instant juggling star!

So, you've just bought your first set of juggling balls and want to learn what to do next? Or maybe you've been juggling a 3-ball cascade for a while and want to learn how to move from 3-balls to 4, or even 5? Then this is the DVD for you!

Meet super-talented young UK jugglers: Ady Pole, Freddy Sheed and Luke Hallgarten. Think you might like to be young, juggling superstar like these guys ? Well now you can! We guarantee that if you put as much practise in as these guys have, and spend hours watching this DVD you'll be doing top tricks in no time!

This latest gem in the Oddballs Instructional Series, Instant Juggler Part One: Balls, is packed with 9 sections of informative instructional video as well as 10 fantastic freestyle sections to motivate your juggling. everything is broken down into easy-to-follow sections so that you can replay the instructions as many times as you need to master each new trick. Nearly an hour of juggling inspiration packed into one neat little package - you can't say fairer than that!

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