10 Juggle Dream Thud - Oddballs Postcard - RRP £28.5

Product Description

This deal contains 12pc JD Thuds and Oddballs Postcard


These 120g bean bag juggling balls are probably our most popular. They are a great quality ball for the price, ideal for jugglers on a budget or people looking for a starter set of balls that are a good step up from the standard 'toy shop' ball. Admittedly these aren't quite as good as a 'pro thud' (which we guarantee for a whole year) but the price is a little nicer. These balls are filled with seed and have a nice squeeze to them. The traditional 'beach' colours are 4 panels of blue, red, yellow and green. There can be a very slight weight discrepancy of a few grams from ball to ball, but nothing to affect their performance. Its size means that numbers juggling is certainly possible, though we reccomend just starting out with 3! If you're looking for a first set of juggling balls that look proffessional and juggle great then these are a great place to start. This ball is also available in a number of different colour themes.

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