Henrys Neon Wood Cigar Box with White Trim

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Henrys cigar boxes are made in Germany and currently are the best wood cigar box sold. The boxes come in several styles, all made with the same box. The only difference is how they are decorated.

These cigar boxes are perfectly square and are made with thicker end dove tail glued plywood and have an internal reinforced center panel. This box has white cloth tape trim with felt ends and neon decoration on the face and side.

The cigar box takes a lot beating especially when learning. The most damage comes from dropping the boxes on a hard surface. It is good to practice over a bed do couch so they land on a soft suface. When juggling the box if you miss a tick, do not try to catch the box in the middle of the box, always catch it on the ends. If you are missed a trick just let it fall on the bed at try again.

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