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Anglo was the stage name of Australian juggler Thomas Horton, who was born in 1879 in North Adelaide, South Australia. He learned to juggle as a boy and created many original routines. He was eventually billed as Australia’s Greatest Juggler. When Anglo traveled to London for an engagement in 1903, he met with the Hamley Brothers, owners of the world’s oldest toy store and toy company. The Hamley Brothers agreed to published the world’s first full-length book about juggling, written by Anglo, titled The Art of Modern Juggling. The book was published in 1907 and is one of the rarest juggling books in existence. This book was the first full-length book about juggling and was a popular book for jugglers to learn from in the first decades of the twentieth century. It gives us a glimpse into what jugglers performed at the time, and is, therefore, of great historical value.

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