Concentrate Play Series LED Staff
Total price £38.00

Product Description

The Play Series staff is made to spin. The entire staff lights up.. and it's BRIGHT! It has a tonne of seriously impressive effects too.
The staff is made from a durable extruded polycarbonate tube. This makes it super tough ready to take drops and throws without missing a beat. We have added a light diffusing material into the polycarb to give you an even, super bright light all the way down the staff.
Protecting the ends are the durable yet soft silicone end caps. Save making a mess of your face! It also stops any dust of water getting into the ends so the lights a protected not only when you drop your throws but also when it's festival time and it's pouring down!

Handle Length: 290mm
Staff Outside Diameter: 22mm
Staff Including Grip Outside Diameter: 25mm

1200mm = 299g
1265mm = 307g
1350mm = 317g

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