Indy ISIS Freestyle Aluminium Splined 140mm Cranks Indy Freestyle Splined Cranks one lying on other
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Product Description

Indy Unicycles present their ISIS freestyle crank set. These cranks use a splined exchange system where they meet the hub. This means significantly reduced wear and better distribution of pressure when idling and performing flatland tricks.
These cranks conform to ISIS - The International Splined Interface Standard - which means these crannks can also be mounted on other non-Indy unicycle models which also employ this exchange system.
The size measurement is from the middle of the pedal mounting hole to the middle of the hub mounting hole - please note that you may need a crank extractor to both install and remove this from your unicycle.
Each pedal is clearly marked with an R and L which indicate on what side of the hub they should be mounted - do not attempt to install the incorrect pedal on the crank - it may result in cross-threading.
Supplied as a pair.

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