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The ZeroQ crank from Qu-Ax is one of the few crank sets on the market that is built for vigorous jumps and heavy impact. These cranks are compatible with all ISIS hub systems (found on most MUNI and advanced Freestyle unicycles) and will also work with your favourite pedals. The 'ZeroQ' part of the name refers to the amount the crank 'bends' outwards - in this case Zero! That makes this a crank better suited for fast riding. The Robust Alloy used on these QX series pedals makes them appropriate for Muni, Trials and Street Riding. The edges of the cranks offer a super-wide platform which will facilitate much more advanced flatland tricks - The QX variations of these cranks feature metal inserts for the pedal attachments making them even more durable.

Please note that you'll need a crank extractor to remove these from your unicycle. Price is for one pair.

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